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About the Project

The Problem

  • African healthcare systems (and other developing nations) struggle to retain physicians and trained workers. 
  • Inability to provide primary care to populations due to lack of resources 
  • Projects that are unsustainable i.e. are unable to become independent 

The Chalala Project: A New Model of Healthcare for Africa 

  • Interdisciplinary center 
  • Staff with Zambian physicians and train healthcare workers of all fields 
  • Utilize foreign expertise in training personnel 
  • Create culture of excellence with adequate compensation 
  • Establish a center in the city 
  • Use money from services in the city to fund subsidized care in remote areas and for those who cannot pay 
  • Achieve sustainability 

Healthcare situation in Zambia:

  • Among communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS account for 65% of all deaths 
  • 60% of population below poverty line, 42% in extreme poverty
  • Access to safe water only 41%
  • “Clear evidence that access to essential health care in Zambia continues to be inhibited by the inadequate provision of quality and affordable health care. In all major health concerns, there is a clear problem of under provision of health services.” – SWECARE – Zambia Healthcare System
  • Operates with less than half the required and WHO recommended human resources for health workforce in all categories 
  • Lacks capacity for specialist diagnostic and treatment services 

Why did we pick the Chalala Project?

  • Financial need
  • Great people on the project site
  • Full support of AHI (Adventist Health International) and LLU for our class to be involved

The Chalala Project will be a multi-speciality Outpatient Clinic to provide exam and treatment space for approximately 21,000 out-patient visits per year 

It will include exam rooms, procedure rooms, a optometry shop, an eye exam room, a dental exam room, a dental lab, a procedure room, a clinical laboratory, an outpatient pharmacy, and an imaging (X-ray) Unit. 

Part 1: Water-tower construction 

  • Critical to provide water storage and water pressure
  • Goal: $2,000 

Part 2: Fund construction of and then supply with medical equipment one wing of the project 

  • Goal $20,000