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Generic Simulation Evaluation

Generic Simulation Evaluation 2

4200/4800 Competency (Kelly)

8100 Competency (Karen Lawson)

A-F Bundle/ICU Case Day

Anesthesia (Dr. Cristall)

California Highway Patrol

CCST (Carrie Cobos)

Code White (Dr. Tinsley)

Code Blue Team (Adult)

COPD Pulm Critical Care Sim PRE-Survey

COPD Pulm Critical Care Sim POST- Survey

Dental Anesthesia

Dental BLS (Dr. Sevanesian)

Dentistry - PEDS (Dr. Okumura)

East Campus Mock Code

ED Residents Skills Stations

Emergency Med Clerkship (Dr. Daniel)

Endotracheal Intubation (Victor)

ER New Grad

Family Med (Dr. Labib)

Family Med (Dr. Lee)

7th Floor Skills

6th Floor Acute Care (Gina)


HSH Mock Code

ID Peds (Dr. Barcega)

Internal Medicine Residents

Internal Medicine Clerkship Pre-Survey (Dr. Hayton)

Internal Medicine Clerkship Post-Survey (Dr. Hayton)

Internal Medicine Clerkship Arrhythmia (Dr. Hayton)

IPL Simulation Evaluation

LLUMC Murrieta Sepsis Quiz

LLUMC Murrieta Sepsis Simulation Evaluation

MICU 4700 Skills (Shauntell Minor)


Mock Code (Carolyn Davidson)

Mock Code (Dr. Cristall)

MS2 Pharmacy Lab (Dr. Ngo)

MS4 Critical Care Simulation (Dr. Specht)

NICU Fellows

NICU Interdisciplinary

Nursing 317 (Shauna and Sarah)

Nursing 408 (Critical Care)

Pharmacy ACLS (Kayvan)

OB-GYN (DR. Cheung)

OB/GYN Skills Stations (Dr. Hart)

OB-GYN Immersive (Dr. Hart)

PA Summer Simulation

Peds Clerkship (Dr. Vercio)

Physical Therapy

PICU Transport (Theresa)

PICU Competency Day (Julie F.)

RN Residency PEDS (Shayne)

RN Residency PEDS Mock Code (Brittany)

Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Training

Trauma Residents Simulation (Dr. Obosky)

Volunteer Simulation - (Patient Care)

Whole Person Care (Bob Mason)