HystSim™ by Simbionix

The HystSim™ virtual trainer offers OB/GYN surgeons the most advanced and comprehensive training system available for diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy.  Quality didactic tutorials are used to introduce and explain “best practice” in core procedural techniques.  This is followed by high fidelity case simulations providing a realistic hands-on experience that includes establishing uterine distension and clear viewing conditions, handling instruments, perform a safe and effective procedure and managing complications.  The cases facilitate training to proficiency in a variety of interventional techniques at a range of difficulty levels.  Meaningful and useful objective feedback completes the learning process.  The Diagnostic Hysteroscopy module includes virtual patients with varying pathologies and cases with different levels of difficulty, allowing the trainee to grain experience using the angled optics.  The Polyp Removal module includes virtual patients with various polyps in different locations and provides training for the first steps in operative hysteroscopy using the loop electrode.  Other models such as the Myomectomy and Rollerball Endometrial Ablation provide training with varying types of sub-mucosal fibroids in different positions and varying shapes of uterine cavities to practice electro surgery in difficult to reach positions in the entire uterus.