Summer research scholarships to be awarded each spring

(Available to current freshman LLU School of Medicine students.)

Summer research scholarships for $2,500 each will be awarded each spring by the Walter E. Macpherson Society and the School of Medicine. The time commitment involved is eight weeks.

Three noon-hour conference sessions will be scheduled at the Alumni Hall Amphitheater in February for faculty investigators to present five-minute summaries of the projects for which they are seeking student participation. This will facilitate your understanding of each project and guide you in selecting projects to which you may wish to apply.

Each faculty member requesting student assistance will also provide a written summary of their projects. It is important that you carefully evaluate this information as you choose the research experience that will best fit your interests. The project summaries will be available at the noon presentations,  or in the Student Affairs Office, room A1108 in the Coleman Pavilion. The Student Affairs Office phone number is (909) 558-4630.

Application procedure

  1. Attend the noon conferences
  2. Study the written summaries of the projects.
  3. Schedule an interview with the faculty investigator of the projects to which you wish to apply. (This step is not required, but is recommended since the faculty will be given an opportunity to indicate their preferences for students who will be working with them.)
  4. List your first, second, and third choices on the student application form on this web site. You may also obtain the form at the last noon session or from the Student Affairs office.
  5. Return your application to Donelda in the Student Affairs office room A1108 in the Coleman Pavilion. Fax: (909) 558-4146 

Awards will be announced early in April.

Note: The first half of the award will be paid three weeks after onset of research. The second payment will be two weeks after the project is completed and evaluations have been received from both the student and faculty investigator.