Associate Research Professor

Basic Sciences
Division of Microbiology
School of Medicine
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, CA 92350


Research Interest

Human oral microbiome and systemic diseases

Human oral microbiome being one of the vast and diversified, is shown to have a causal effect on systemic diseases. Recent work from our lab on previously unrecognized and uncultivated species of bacteria such as Filifactor alocis has studied their role in periodontal infection and have shown an emerging paradigm of synergistic and dysbiotic community interaction in periodontitis. Our lab is presently involved in studying the virulence attributes of Filifactor alocis and its role in host cell modulation leading to systemic infections.

Human oral virome

Oral virome plays an important role in the symbiotic relationship between the microorganisms and the host.  However, viral commensals are linked with various disease state and our lab is involved in studying  how other commensal organisms and the virus interactome shape the susceptibility of host to periodontitis. Our research focus on how virome variations modify the bacterial community leading to pathogen susceptibility.

Host pathogen interaction

Oral microbial pathogens have a long standing association with their host and impart a sustained interaction. Hence, they need to evolve complex adaptation strategies to modulate the host. Our lab is involved in studying such pathogen and host modulations using an important periodontal pathogen - P. gingivalis that is also linked to other systemic diseases. Our research focus is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms involved in its virulence, specifically to study the role of virulence modulating genes (vim), sialidase and sialoglycoproteases in pathogenesis.  We are interested in studying the role of glycan variations, sialylation in virulence modulation and host interaction. Our research also involves in silico approach through protein modeling and dynamic protein interactions in studying the virulence determinants of oral pathogens.

I am a member of the University of California Riverside (UCR) - Stem Cell Center and of the Inland Empire Stem Cell Consortium.

Featured publications

Wilson Aruni et al – Cover page of  “Infection and Immunity “ 82 (8),2014.
Wilson Aruni et al   – Cover page of “ Infection and Immunity” 79 (7), 2011.

Selected Publications (2011-2015)

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