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Research Interest

My major research interest is focusing on the cardiovascular adaptation to pregnancy and fetal programming of adult hypertension in response to prenatal insults. The current research project in my lab is studying of fetal nicotine exposure and aberrant development of cardiovascular dysfunctional phenotype and investigates the early risk epigenetic biomarkers that contribute to the programming of cardiovascular disease later life.

Adverse intrauterine environment-induced fetal programming of cardiovascular disease in adulthood is one of the most provocative findings in modern medicine. However, the epigenetic mechanisms are still not fully understood. My lab is specifically studying the potential effect of prenatal stress (maternal smoking/nicotine use and gestational hypoxia) on fetal development of adult hypertension.  We have established the antenatal nicotine exposed pregnant rat model and maternal hypoxia rat model and developed the technique and approaches to determine the patho-physiologic changes of vascular myogenic tone by Ion Optix system and blood pressure by telemetry system. In addition, we have also employed the innovative approaches (such as DNA methylation-specific PCR, miRNA transfection) to study of the epigenetic molecular mechanisms underlying prenatal nicotine or hypoxia-induced hypertensive and vascular dysfunctional phenotype in offspring.

Selected Publications

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