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Research Interest

Dr. Yellon’s research program focuses on the role of the central nervous system in regulating inflammatory processes that remodel the cervix in preparation for birth. Efforts are underway to understand how specific

Innervation and progestational agents affect activation of immune cells and oxidative stress in the mechanism for remodeling the extracellular matrix and ripening the cervix. Understanding the mechanism of cervical ripening has broad implications to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to help women with preterm or delayed birth. Approaches to investigate the importance of innervation for regulating immune cell functions in the cervix include advanced microscopic analysis of brightfield, epifluorescence, and Confocal images, as well as in vivo studies and flow cytometry. Dr. Yellon serves as the Director of the Loma Linda University School of Medicine Advanced Imaging and Microscopy core facility. Support for Dr. Yellon’s research efforts come from the NIH, NSF, and other nonprofit sources. In addition to research, Dr. Yellon teaches Reproductive Physiology in the Medical and Graduate Schools, participated in the Evidence-Based Medicine program, and is involved in teaching other core curriculum as part of the Integrated Biomedical Graduate Studies program.

Selected Publications

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