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 LLU Today (7-28-2008) - Loma Linda University gets close and personal with snakes (162 K). Writer James Ponder describes a night search for cold-blooded critters in a southern California desert and the research on venomous snakes and invertebrates being conducted by faculty and students at Loma Linda University

 LLU Today (1-27-2005) - LLU holds Biology of the Rattlesnakes symposium (306 K). The most complete story of the four-day symposium that focused on rattlesnakes. Unfortunately, the photos are very fuzzy.

 The Press-Enterprise (1-17-2005) - Experts gather to give rattlesnakes their due (32 K). A four-day gathering at Loma Linda University (the Biology of the Rattlesnakes Symposium) is casting the reptile in a different light.

 San Bernardino County Sun (1-16-2005) - Snakes star in symposium (13 K). Experts attending the Biology of the Rattlesnakes Symposium at Loma Linda University say they still need much more research on the rattlesnake, described by some as a "charismatic species."

 San Bernardino County Sun (1-12-2005) - Rattlesnakes symposium draws variety (12 K). Loma Linda University will host a major symposium aimed at an audience of rattlesnake researchers, rattlesnake enthusiasts, medical personnel, and anybody interested in snakes.

 The Press-Enterprise (1-7-2005) - Making snake-bite treatment safer (29 K). An inland doctor plans to describe better snakebite treatment at the forthcoming Biology of the Rattlesnakes Symposium at Loma Linda University.

 Science News for Kids (9-3-2003) - Delivering a little snake venom (136 K). Can rattlesnakes really control how much venom they inject when biting?

Iguana research | Bird research | Other research | Rattlesnake research

 LLU Today (6-8-2006) - A biology student's research exploration in the desert (333 K). Tim Revell, the beloved biology professor at Mount San Antonio College, reminisces about his recently-completed doctoral studies on the behavioral ecology of sleep in the Desert Iguana (Dipsosaurus dorsalis).

 Boston Globe (12-31-2005) - Iguana traumas in the Bahamas (95 K). The endangered San Salvador Island Iguana is in serious trouble, but a small population at a Club Med resort in the Bahamas offers a fresh perspective on potential conservation measures.

 Columbus Quest Creature Feature (10-11-2005) - Bahamian iguanas retreat to Club Med (242 K). Following in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus, a correspondent encounters endangered San Salvador Island Iguanas and the researchers studying them at a Club Med Resort in the Bahamas.

 LLU Today (8-22-2002) - Loma Linda researchers educate Bahamian young people on ecology (111 K). A one-of-a-kind conservation education program for the schoolchildren of San Salvador Island, Bahamas.

 LLU Today (8-23-2001) - Natural science professors receive $20,000 Disney research grant (63 K). LLU researchers studying an endangered rock iguana on San Salvador Island, Bahamas, receive much-needed financial support and enlist the aid of local Boy Scouts.

Bird research | Other research | Rattlesnake research | Iguana research (8-7-2007) - Puppet parents raise troubled condors (29 K). Amy Utt's doctoral research suggests that California Condors reared by puppets have social difficulties in adulthood.

 LLU Today (1-15-2007) - A biology student's research: The Bahamas, police, and hitchhiking turn into significant results (116 K). Bryant Reynolds' master's thesis study offers insight--and a few adventures along the way--on the taxonomic relationships among various island populations of the Cuban Parrot (Amazona leucocephala).

 Hotspots E-news (Winter 2005) - Taxonomic studies change conservation priorities in the Caribbean Islands (38 K). Recent taxonomic work in the Bahamas is providing fascinating revelations that will markedly change conservation priorities.

 Freeport News (2-16-2005) - Plea to protect rare bird (126 K). The future of the Bahama Nuthatch, a newly-recognized and highly-endangered bird species that lives only on Grand Bahama, is in the hands of Bahamian citizens.

 Birdlife International (2-14-2005) - Bahama Nuthatch shaken but not stirred (44 K). New research suggests that the Grand Bahama population of the Brown-headed Nuthatch could be a distinct species.

 Freeport News (2-14-2005) - Noted zoologist to address Lucaya Rotary Club meeting (297 K). As guest speaker for the Lucaya Rotary Club meeting, Dr. Hayes will describe his research on the Bahamas Nuthatch, a newly-recognized species and highly-endangered bird endemic to Grand Bahama.

 Freeport News (7-29-2004) - Power company assisting with efforts to prevent rare birds from becoming extinct (264 K). Officials of Grand Bahama Power Company are working closely with wildlife biologists (William Hayes and Robert Barry) to prevent rare birds, like the Bahama Nuthatch, from becoming extinct.

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 St. Helena Star (1-31-2008) - Pursuing flights of imagination (118 K). The childhood and research-related adventures of Floyd Hayes, the Pacific Union College biology professor and twin brother of Bill Hayes.

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