Basic Sciences
Division of Anatomy
School of Medicine
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, CA 92350

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Research Interest

Development, aging and pathology of sensory receptors [taste buds, Pacinian and Meissner corpuscles]

Current Projects

  • Textbook of Clinical Human Anatomy
  • Gross Anatomy Laboratory Manual

Selected Publications

  1. Wilson, D.R. and P.B. Nava, Medical Student responses to clinical procedure teaching in Anatomy lab:  The Clinical Teacher 2010; 7:14-18
  2. Charles J. Goodacre, Dean School of Dentistry and P.B. Nava, eHuman Digital Anatomy, Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry in Association with eHuman Digital Anatomy, 2010
  3. Moses, K.P., J.C. Banks, P.B. Nava and Darrell Petersen “Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy”.  Elsevier-Mosby. 2005
  4. Manoonkitiwongsa, P.S., E.F. Whitter, W. Wareesangtip,  P.B. Nava and R.L. Schultz. 2000  “Calcium-dependent ATPase unlike ecto-ATPase is loaded primarily on the luminal surface of brain endothelial cells.”  Histochemical Journal 32:313-324.
  5. Manoonkitiwongsa, P.S., W. Wareesangtip, R.L. Schultz, E.F. Whitter,   P.B. Nava and P.J. McMillan. 2000  “The influence of fixation on blood-brain barrier Na+, K+-ATPase localization.”  J of Histochem & Cytochem