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Division of Human Anatomy
Department of Pathology and Human Anatomy
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Loma Linda University
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Research Interest

There are two main areas of research in my laboratory. The first one concerns the study of early pathogenic mechanisms in Niemann-Pick disease type C and Alzheimer’s disease. These two conditions share pathology hallmarks that stem from early cholesterol dysregulation and inflammation in the brain. Our findings point to altered subcellular distribution and elevated levels of oxysterols as being causative of neuroinflammation and neuronal death, both in Niemann-Pick disease type C and Alzheimer’s disease. These findings have led to recent NIH funding to explore whether targeted inhibition of harmful oxysterol production may have therapeutic value.

We are also interested in improving current methods to diagnose and correct pathological tremors. Characterization and diagnosis of movement disorders require evaluating muscle movement amplitude and frequency in combination with more subjective, non-quantitative scales. These diagnostic approaches often result in misdiagnoses, and it would be desirable to create fully reproducible, objective and quantitative assessment tools. In our lab, we are developing one such tool. Specifically, we are testing a wearable device that wirelessly records movement data from accelerometer, gyroscope and electromyography sensors for its ability to record and classify tremor pathologies. A pilot study with a few volunteers shows distinctly different output patterns between patients with essential tremor and healthy controls from all three sensors. We intend to build on these encouraging results in a study with large cohorts of Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor patients.

Selected Publications

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