A minimum of 45 units is required for the M.S. degree, as detailed in the table below. Two options, a research track and a course work track, are available. Students must maintain a G.P.A. of at least 3.0. Students must adhere to all University and program policies as published in the Student Handbook, University CATALOG, or Student Guide. Policies and requirements are subject to change.

Basic science core  
IBGS 501 Biomedical Communication and Integrity 2
IBGS 502 Biomedical Information and Statistics 2
ANAT 516 Neuroscience GS 6
ANAT 541 Gross Anatomy GS 7
ANAT 542 Cell Structure and Function GS 7
ANAT 544 Human Embryology Lecture 2
IBGS 604 Introduction to Integrative Biology Presentation Seminar 1
IBGS 607 Integrated Biomedical Graduate Studies Seminar 1 0
RELT 617 Seminar in Religion and the Sciences 3
Degree completion options 15
Course work track:  
Anatomy/Embryology electives (15 units)
Research track:  
Research (14 units)  
Integrative Biology Presentation Seminar (1 unit)  
Total Units 45

Noncourse requirements

Course work option: a comprehensive written examination over the graduate course work in lieu of writing a thesis.

Research option: pass an oral examination given by student's graduate guidance committee after the thesis has been completed.

Normal time to complete the program

Two (2) years, based on full-time enrollment; part time permitted