A Seventh-day Adventist Organization

Medical Simulation Center

Our mission is


To create: Competent Confident Astute Reflective and Ethical healthcare providers

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop competent, confident, astute, reflective and ethical healthcare providers through the use of clinical simulation to enhance healthcare education, research and practice. We seek to create an exemplary center that fosters a highly experiential and contextual learning environment for students, faculty, staff, health professional, and researchers through our unique Seventh-day Adventist heritage and Christian perspective of wholeness that promotes patient safety and quality patient care.


We aspire to enhance patient safety, quality of patient care, and interprofessional healthcare provider education through the use of high quality and realistic clinical simulation via simulation technology; adequate, appropriate, professional and cohesive staffing; understanding of simulation methodology by both MSC staff and instructors; proactive solutions to issues that may arise during simulation; and continuous monitoring of quality indicators.

The MSC will provide:

  • An adequately staffed, appropriate, professional, and cohesive team
  • A leadership role in providing best practices in simulation methodology
  • Proactive standardized processes in providing quality simulation learning experiences

    Value Statement

    LLU MSC is a premier healthcare simulation program that supports, develops and provides quality simulation education; and in doing so, seeks to promote safe healthcare; and reflects best practices in healthcare and interprofessional education.

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