Loma Linda University actively promotes a healthy moral lifestyle consistent with Seventh-day Adventist Christian principles. This includes student participation in a midweek University chapel service designed to focus the University community on its mission and to facilitate students' personal journey with God. A basic tenet of Seventh-day Adventist belief is worshiping on Saturday. Seventh-day Adventists observe Sabbath from sundown on Friday evening until sundown on Saturday evening. Subsequently, the school offices and libraries close early on Friday afternoon and are not open on Saturdays. The library is open on Sunday.

The University expects students to exclude alcohol, tobacco products, cannabinoids, and illegal drugs from their lives while enrolled at the University or one of its extended campuses. When a student chooses a career in a professional field, it is important to portray a professional image.  Loma Linda University is sensitive to the needs of various health care fields and, as a result, has created professional standards of appearance that will place our graduates in the highest level of professional health care expectations.  These standards include no visible tattoos or body piercings apart from simple earrings.  For further information, please visit Values and Lifestyle. Information on the professional expectations of School of Medicine students is provided in the Student Handbook,

By submitting a secondary application to the School of Medicine, applicants certify the accuracy of any and all parts of the application materials that they have submitted or will submit. Any misrepresentation or omission of required materials could jeopardize admission or matriculation to the School of Medicine whenever such information is discovered.