Loma Linda University School of Medicine Main Number

Loma Linda University School of Medicine Student Affairs
Phone: 909-558-4630 

Medicine, MD Degree Admissions
Phone: 909-558-4467
Email: admissions.sm@llu.edu

Basic Science Degree Admissions
Phone: 909-558-4527
Email: basicsciences@llu.edu

Department of Earth & Biological Sciences Admissions
Phone: 909-558-4530
Email: ebs@llu.edu 

Pathologists' Assistant Program Admissions
Phone: 909-558-8095
Email: MDorrell@llu.edu 

Minority Introduction to the Health Sciences (MITHS) Program
Alice Wongworawat, Director
Phone: 909-558-7660
Email: miths@llu.edu

School of Medicine Office of Records (Medical Degree Verifications)
Samantha Renteria, MBA, Director, Records and Student Services
Mailing Address:
11175 Campus Street, CP A-1108
Loma Linda, CA 92350

Phone: 909-558-4729
Fax: 909-558-0255
Email: mdverifications.sm@llu.edu

Request Official Transcripts
University Records

Other related contact information

Office of Graduate Medical Education (Internship, Residency, Fellowship Verifications)
11234 Anderson Street
Westerly Building, Suite C
Loma Linda, CA 92354

Phone: 909-558-6131
Fax: 909-558-0430
Email: gmeo@llu.edu
Website: http://www.lluh.org/gme

Physician Listings

American Medical College Application Service
Student Services
2450 N Street, NW # 201
Washington, DC 20037-3052
Phone: 202-828-0400
Website: www.aamc.org/students/amcas

Loma Linda University School of Medicine Alumni Association