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Group photo of all the deans standing in front of Coleman Pavilion


Tamara Thomas

Tamara Thomas, MD

Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, Loma Linda University Health
Associate Dean, Faculty Development

Contact: Lysenia Quijano
Email: lquijano@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4481 or Ext. 44481

Emeritus Dean

Tamara Thomas


Vice Dean

Ricardo Peverini, MD

Vice Dean, Clinical Affairs
Associate Dean, Clinical Faculty
Contact: Darci Nevatt
Email: dnevatt@llu.edu
Phone: 909-651-5582 Ext. 15582

Tamara Thomas

Tamara Thomas, MD

Vice Dean, Academic Affairs

Email: bkmorgan@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4766 or Ext. 44766


Senior Associate Dean

Tamara Shankel

Tamara Shankel, MD

Senior Associate Dean, Medical Student Education
Contact: Lorelei Cress
Email: locress@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4255 or Ext. 44255


Associate Deans

Dr. Lynda Daniel

Lynda Daniel-Underwood, MD, PhD, FACEP

Associate Dean, Curriculum Evaluation and Learner Assessment
Contact: Jeanne Newbold
Email: jmnewbold@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4466 or Ext. 44466

Dr. Penelope Duerksen-Hughes

Penelope Duerksen-Hughes, PhD

Associate Dean, Basic Sciences and Translational Research
Contact: Allison Zecher
Email: azecher@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-1000 Ext. 88740

Dr. Daniel W. Giang

Daniel W. Giang, MD

Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
Contact: Teresa Meinken
Email: tmeinken@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-6779 or Ext. 66779

Dr. Henry Lamberton

Henry L. Lamberton, PsyD

Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Contact: Karen Schiller
Email: kschiller@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4630 or Ext. 44630

Dr. Larry Loo

Lawrence K. Loo, MD

Associate Dean, Educational Quality and Outcomes, Assistant Dean for Continuing Medical Education
Contact: CME Office
Phone: 909-558-4663

Dr. James Pappas

James M. Pappas, MD

Associate Dean, Quality and Patient Safety
Contact: Cherise Alexander
Email: chalexander@llu.edu
Phone: 909-651-5706 or Ext. 15706

Dr. Leroy Reese

Leroy E. Reese, MD

Associate Dean, Los Angeles Programs
Contact: Pat Sandoval
Email: Patricia.Sandoval@ah.org
Phone: 323-881-8840

Dr. Sarah Roddy

Sarah Roddy, MD

Associate Dean, Admissions and Recruitment
Contact: Beth Pezo
Email: bpezo@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4467 or Ext. 44467

David Wren

David G. Wren, MHA, FACHE

Associate Dean, Faculty Practice Affairs
Contact: Sherri Dart
Email: sdart@llu.edu
Phone: 905-558-2315 or Ext. 25514 905-558-2315 or 22315 - LLUHC Exec Offices

Alice Wongworawat

Alice Wongworawat, MBA

Associate Dean, Finance and Administration
Contact: Amanda Valencia
Email: avalencia@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-7660 or Ext. 87660

Dr. Kevin Codorniz

Kevin Codorniz, MD

Associate Dean, Clinical Education
Contact: Debbie Warmouth
Email: dwarmouth@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4271 or Ext. 44271

Assistant Deans

Susan Ranzolin

Susan Ranzolin, BSN

Assistant Dean, Admissions
Contact: Beth Pezo
Email: bpezo@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4467 or Ext. 44467

Dr. Dwight C. Evans

Dwight C. Evans, MD

Assistant Dean, Veterans Affairs
Email: dwight.evans@va.gov
Phone: 909-583-6007

Dr. Dwight C. Evans

Hansel Fletcher, PhD

Assistant Dean, Graduate Student Affairs
Contact: Carley Brown
Email: carleybrown@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4480 or ext. 44480

Dr. Martie Parsley

Martie L. Parsley, PhD

Assistant Dean, Residency Curriculum
Contact: Teresa Meinken
Email: tmeinken@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-6779 or Ext. 66779

Dr. M. Daniel Wongworawat

M. Daniel Wongworawat, MD

Assistant Dean, Career Advisement
Contact: Debbie Warmouth
Email: dwarmouth@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4271 or Ext. 44271


Assistants to the Dean

Dr. Resa L. Chase

Resa L. Chase, MD

Assistant to the Dean for Basic Science Curriculum
Contact: Katherine McMillan
Email: kemcmillan@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-7495 or Ext. 87495

Dr. Daisy DeLeon

Daisy DeLeon, PhD

Assistant to the Dean for Diversity
Contact: Venice Brown
Email: vbrown@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-8735 or Ext. 88735

Annette Lerma

Annette Lerma

Director, Records & Student Services
Email: alerma@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4461
Fax: 909-558-0255

Dr. Linda J. Mason

Linda J. Mason, MD

Assistant to the Dean for Medical Staff Affairs
Contact: Debbie Whitaker
Email: dwhitaker@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-1000 Ext. 42257

Dr. Rhodes Rigsby

Rhodes L. Rigsby, MD, MBA

Special Assistant to the Dean for Administration
Email: rrigsby@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-3052 or Ext. 33052
Pager: rrigsby@my2way.com