Group photo of all the deans standing in front of Coleman Pavilion


Dr. Roger Hadley

Roger Hadley, MD

Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, Loma Linda University Health
Contact: Lysenia Quijano
Phone: 909-558-4481 or Ext. 44481

Vice Deans

Ricardo Peverini, MD

Vice Dean, Clinical Affairs
Associate Dean, Clinical Faculty
Contact: Darci Nevatt
Phone: 909-651-5582 Ext. 15582

Tamara Thomas

Tamara Thomas, MD

Vice Dean, Academic Affairs
Associate Dean, Faculty Development
Contact: Brenda Morgan
Phone: 909-558-4766 or Ext. 44766


Senior Associate Dean

Tamara Shankel

Tamara Shankel, MD

Senior Associate Dean, Medical Student Education
Contact: Lorelei Cress
Phone: 909-558-4255 or Ext. 44255


Associate Deans

Dr. Lynda Daniel

Lynda Daniel-Underwood, MD, PhD, FACEP

Associate Dean, Curriculum Evaluation and Learner Assessment
Contact: Jeanne Newbold
Phone: 909-558-4466 or Ext. 44466

Dr. Penelope Duerksen-Hughes

Penelope Duerksen-Hughes, PhD

Associate Dean, Basic Sciences and Translational Research
Contact: Allison Zecher
Phone: 909-558-1000 Ext. 88740

Dr. Daniel W. Giang

Daniel W. Giang, MD

Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
Contact: Teresa Meinken
Phone: 909-558-6779 or Ext. 66779

Dr. Henry Lamberton

Henry L. Lamberton, PsyD

Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Contact: Karen Schiller
Phone: 909-558-4630 or Ext. 44630

Dr. Larry Loo

Larry Loo, MD

Associate Dean, Educational Quality and Outcomes, Assistant Dean for Continuing Medical Education
Contact: CME Office
Phone: 909-558-4663

Dr. James Pappas

James M. Pappas, MD

Associate Dean, Quality and Patient Safety
Contact: Cherise Alexander
Phone: 909-651-5706 or Ext. 15706

Dr. Leroy Reese

Leroy E. Reese, MD

Associate Dean, Los Angeles Programs
Contact: Pat Sandoval
Phone: 323-881-8840

Dr. Sarah Roddy

Sarah Roddy, MD

Associate Dean, Admissions and Recruitment
Contact: Beth Pezo
Phone: 909-558-4467 or Ext. 44467

David Wren

David G. Wren, MHA, FACHE

Associate Dean, Faculty Practice Affairs
Contact: Sherri Dart
Phone: (909) 558-2315 or Ext. 25514
909-558-2315 or 22315 - LLUHC Exec Offices

Alice Wongworawat

Alice Wongworawat, MBA

Associate Dean, Finance and Administration
Contact: Amanda Valencia
Phone: 909-558-7660 or Ext. 87660

Assistant Deans

Susan Ranzolin

Susan Ranzolin, BSN

Assistant Dean, Admissions
Contact: Beth Pezo
Phone: 909-558-4467 or Ext. 44467

Dr. Dwight C. Evans

Dwight C. Evans, MD

Assistant Dean, Veterans Affairs
Phone: 909-583-6007

Dr. Dwight C. Evans

Hansel Fletcher, PhD

Assistant Dean, Graduate Student Affairs
Contact: Carley Brown
Phone: 909-558-4480 or ext. 44480

Dr. Martie Parsley

Martie L. Parsley, PhD

Assistant Dean, Residency Curriculum
Contact: Teresa Meinken
Phone: 909-558-6779 or Ext. 66779

Dr. M. Daniel Wongworawat

M. Daniel Wongworawat, MD

Assistant Dean, Career Advisement
Contact: Debbie Warmouth
Phone: 909-558-4271 or Ext. 44271

Dr. Kevin Codorniz

Kevin Codorniz, MD

Assistant Dean, Clinical Education
Contact: Debbie Warmouth
Phone: 909-558-4271 or Ext. 44271

Assistants to the Dean

Dr. Resa L. Chase

Resa L. Chase, MD

Assistant to the Dean for Basic Science Curriculum
Contact: Katherine McMillan
Phone: 909-558-7495 or Ext. 87495

Dr. Daisy DeLeon

Daisy DeLeon, PhD

Assistant to the Dean for Diversity
Contact: Venice Brown
Phone: 909-558-8735 or Ext. 88735

Annette Lerma

Annette Lerma

Director, Records & Student Services
Phone: 909-558-4461
Fax: 909-558-0255

Dr. Linda J. Mason

Linda J. Mason, MD

Assistant to the Dean for Medical Staff Affairs
Contact: Debbie Whitaker
Phone: 909-558-1000 Ext. 42257

Dr. Rhodes Rigsby

Rhodes L. Rigsby, MD, MBA

Special Assistant to the Dean for Administration
Phone: 909-558-3052 or Ext. 33052