Walter E. Macpherson Society

Promoting Excellence in Medical Education and Research

  • The society was founded in 1963 by Drs. Harriman F. Jones '37, Louis L. Smith '49, Leland R. House '34, and Roger W.Barnes '23 to financially support and promote excellence in education within the School of Medicine at Loma Linda University.

  • Dr. Macpherson's name was chosen for the Society because he embodied the society’s purpose.

  • In the past 40+ years, research has become an important part of medical education and the society has embraced this added dimension.

  • The society promotes excellence in research and education. The society partners with School of Medicine alumni, faculty, students and friends of Loma Linda University sharing not only our common interest but also financial responsibility.

  • The financial support of our members has endowed the society with the ability to actively support numerous projects that promote excellence in education and research - benefiting our students and our institution.