Associate Professor

Basic Sciences
Division of Biochemistry
School of Medicine
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, CA 92350

Phone:(909) 558-7108
Fax:(909) 558-0825

Research Interest

Dr. Obenaus serves as the Director of the Non-Invasive Imaging Laboratory in the Radiation Biology Program at Loma Linda University. His laboratory is well known for its state-of-the-art equipment. His expertise is in the area of neuroimaging of disease, and the Noninvasive Imaging Laboratory has experience with a broad range of topics and models of disease including Alzhiemers and neurorepair using stem cells. He has been involved in teaching Biomedical Imaging and Radiation Biology, and he has supervised a number of undergraduate and graduate students.

Selected Publications

  1. Yamaguchi, M., Jadhav, V., Obenaus, A., Colohan, A., Zhang, J.H. (2008)  Matrix metalloproteinase inhibition attenuates brain edema in an in vivo model of surgically-induced brain injury.  Neurosurgery.  61(5):10
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