Department of Plastic Surgery

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PGY IV Resident Rotation

Loma Linda University Medical Center (Two 3-month rotations)

The PGY IV resident will spend two 3-month rotations at Loma Linda University Medical Center alternating every 3 months at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Fontana, California. He/she will function as a member of a team that includes the chief resident in plastic surgery and the intern rotating on plastic surgery from the Loma Linda University affiliated general surgery resident program, as well as junior and/or senior medical students who may elect a clerkship on plastic surgery. The team will be responsible for the day-to-day management of all plastic surgery inpatients. At Loma Linda University Medical Center, the attending staff will see all their patients on a daily basis, but formal rounds (including all the full-time attending staff and residents) will be made on a weekly basis (and additionally as necessary for appropriate patient management). PGY IV resident responsibilities will include emergency room coverage, performance of inpatient consultations, and coverage in the operating room and clinic. The PGY IV resident will function in the operating room either as first assistant, teaching assistant, or surgeon (depending on the level of the case and the judgment of the responsible attending staff). The PGY IV resident will be supervised in his/her activities by the attending staff. He/she will be most immediately responsible to the chief resident in plastic surgery; he/she will in turn supervise the intern and medical students.

The plastic surgery service at Loma Linda University Medical Center currently has three (3) full days of major operating room block time, as well as two days of outpatient ambulatory facility operating time for each week. The weekly clinic schedule includes specific clinic time for each attending staff physician (which totals five half-day clinic blocks, several of which are concurrent, and also includes several specialty clinics). These specialty clinics are the craniofacial clinic, the breast clinic (where patients are seen jointly with general surgery), and also the Hand Clinic (where attending staff and residents see patients in rehabilitation with their occupational therapist).  It is not anticipated that the plastic surgery residents will be assigned to individual attending physicians. Rather, the PGY IV resident will be assigned by the chief resident in plastic surgery to those operative cases from which he/she may benefit or the residents may operate jointly on larger reconstructive cases requiring a team approach. A plastic surgery resident clinic (plastic surgery teaching office) has been designated for Monday mornings. The PGY IV resident will co-staff this outpatient clinic, as time permits, under the directorship of the chief administrative resident. This clinic will be supervised by an attending plastic surgeon. In addition, the PGY IV resident will attend the craniofacial clinic held each Monday afternoon.


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