Department of Plastic Surgery

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PGY IV Resident Rotation

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center/Fontana (two three-month rotations)

The PGY IV resident will spend two three-month rotations at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Fontana, California alternating every three months at Loma Linda University Medical Center. This rotation will allow the resident to see a large volume of general plastic surgery patients in a managed care hospital setting. Another goal of this rotation is for the resident to experience approximately 1,900 ambulatory plastic surgery procedures performed yearly, the majority of which involve the management of skin cancer or melanoma. The resident will also benefit from a large volume of reconstructive breast surgery at this facility.

The Kaiser Permanente Medical Center is staffed by five full-time plastic surgeons. At this facility, the resident will be assigned to one of these surgeons, which includes the on-site rotation director. The resident will follow their clinic and elective operating schedule during the week, including two full days of clinic and two full days of operating time. The resident may work with other attending staff on unusual or special operative cases. The resident will operate under the direct supervision of an attending physician (as the operating surgeon or first assistant). The resident will not have supervisory responsibility for other residents or trainees.

During this assignment, the resident will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the plastic surgery inpatient service. This responsibility will also include night call on approximately every third night/weekend basis for trauma and emergency room coverage, during which he/she will independently evaluate and prepare patients for the operating room. Because the resident will be assigned to a schedule with specific attending staff, he/she will be seeing patients with supervision in the clinic pre-operatively, following them through surgery, and seeing them post-operatively as well. This will ensure excellent continuity of care.


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