The information below is a list of various external scholarship opportunities for medical students compiled and updated by the School of Medicine Student Senate.  It is not an exhaustive list but it is compiled as a resource and separated into categories for your convenience.

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Outside Scholarships for Medical Students

Armed Services

Tillman Military Scholars

The Tillman Scholar program is open to veteran and active duty service members from all branches of the military and current spouses of veteran or active duty service members, including surviving spouses. "Strong applicants demonstrate clear academic goals, extraordinary leadership potential and a deep desire to create positive change. They believe their best years of service to our country are still ahead of them, and they are committed to strengthening communities at home and around the world."

Approximate application cycle: Opens February 1


Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarships

These scholarships are available to a limited number of applicants. The scholarship provides full payment of direct (tuition, fees, books, etc.,) educational costs, and a stipend for living expenses. Each carries a service commitment. Students interested in applying for these programs are encouraged to discuss options at the Office of Financial Aid before making a commitment. You may obtain descriptive brochures and applications for these programs by contacting the respective armed forces recruiter.

Minority Organizations

Chinese American Physicians Society

CAPS is offering scholarships of $3000 to $5000 each annually to students in United States medical schools. The CAPS Scholarships are open to medical students regardless of their hometown, sex, race or color. The applicants must be current medical students and are judged according to their academic achievements, financial needs, community service records and essays. Special credit is also given to those who are willing to serve the Chinese communities after their graduation.

Approximate application cycle: Opens in December


Hispanic Scholarship Fund

The HSF Scholarship is designed to assist students of Hispanic heritage obtain a university degree. Emphasis placed on STEM majors. 

Approximate application cycle: Opens in January, closes in Feburary


Japanese American Medical Association

The Japanese American Medical Association (JAMA), a professional organization of physicians based in Los Angeles, offers a scholarship for medical students in their first, second and third year. The JAMA Scholarship of $5000 is awarded annually based on the applicant’s academic achievement, financial need, and interest in serving the Japanese American community.

Approximate application cycle: Opens in the fall


ASH Minority Medical Student Award Program

The ASH Minority Medical Student Award Program (MMSAP) provides underrepresented minority medical students with an opportunity to conduct a research project under the supervision of an ASH member, receive guidance from a career-development mentor, gain valuable knowledge of hematology, and ultimately, advance their careers.

Approximate application cycle: due in November


Need Based