Summer of 2014: Search for project begins

Fall of 2014: Chalala Project selected

February 27, 2015: Phase 1 launched. Goal:  $2,000

  • This phase consisted of a fundraiser targeting primarily the class members of LLUSOM2017. It is easy to ask for money; but what was the support for the project from within the class?

April 12, 2015:  $2,825 raised

  • Our class soared past our goal of $2,000 to support the water tower portion of the project. This phase was targeted to medical students living on tight budgets while struggling to pay for school. Each dollar is precious and represents our class commitment to this project. Our class is enthusiastic about this project and we hope our sacrifice will inspire you to partner with us!

Summer of 2015:  Phase 2 launched. Goal:  $20,000

September 16th, 2015: Address drive for project donations begins

October 10th, 2015: Benefit concert held at Murrieta Springs SDA church

November 7th, 2015: Benefit comcert held at Calimesa SDA church

Currently on going: Address drive for donations continues, with your support we can reach our goal!