Clinical Student Information and Evaluations

Overall Competencies

Educational Outcomes


Clerkship-specific Information


Preventive Medicine and Public Health

Director: Dr. Kevin Shannon
Coordinator: Valerie Mosqueda
Extension: x15616

Emergency Medicine

Director: Dr. Lynda Daniel-Underwood and Dr. Michael Kiemeney
Coordinator: Lyne Jones
Extension: x85000

Family Medicine

Director: Dr. Wessam Labib
Coordinator: Kathleen Witty
Extension: x 66508

Internal Medicine

Director: Dr. Amy Hayton
Coordinator: Rosa Marmolejo
Extension: x88425


Director: Dr. Brad Cole
Coordinator: Monica Johnson
Extension: x44907

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Director: Dr. Elaine Hart
Coordinator: Dee Dee Funai
Extension: x15505


Director: Dr. Soo Kim and Dr. Chad Vercio
Coordinator: Liza Olmos
Extension: x88324


Director: Dr. Melissa Pereau
Coordinator: Jonelle Rodriguez
Extension: x39542


Director: Dr. Nephtali Gomez
Coordinator: Kristian Braun
Extension: x44982

Applied Preventive Medicine

Director: Dr. April Wilson
Extension: x15809

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Required Patient Encounters
  • Grading Criteria


Director: Dr. Smyrna Tuburan
Extension: x44281

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Required Patient Encounters
  • Grading Criteria