In order to participate in simulation at the Medical Simulation Center, you are required to fill out two forms. The first form is a confidentiality agreement that states whatever happens in simulation stays in the simulation. The second form is the consent to photograph, which addresses the fact that cameras are rolling during simulation, however the simulation center will never publish or distribute any recorded material without further consent, and recorded material is purged every 2 weeks.

Please click on the forms below to complete them prior to your simulation session. Once you have completed the forms electronically you will never have to sign these forms again.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Confidentiality Agreement

Authorization and Consent to Photograph

If you are interested in scheduling use of the MSC, you will need to submit a request for scheduling by completing the form below. The MSC normally reviews schedule requests every Friday and responds by the following Monday.

MSC Schedule Request Form

Please submit your request by completing the MSC Schedule Request Form online.