PGY 1:

Tuition:                    $42,978 ($754.00 per unit)

Fees:                         $2,200

Books:                       $1,200

Total PGY 1:            $46,378


Tuition:                      $33,176

Fees:                           $2,200

Books:                         $1,200           

Total PGY 2:               $36,576

Total Program Cost:    $82,954*

*Subject to change.  Students should prepare a modest budget for living expenses (not included in above figures) prior to going to financial aid. We caution students on taking excessive financial aid amounts.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for eligible students. You should begin your financial aid process in January of the year you plan to attend, even before formal acceptance into the Program. For more information on financial aid, visit


Admission fees and deposits are nonrefundable.

Additional Financial policies, including information on refunds for tuition and university fees, can be found online in the University Catalog.