Students on Campus

Among the programs sponsored by the Loma Linda University School of Medicine Student Affairs are:

Summer Research

Summer Research opportunities are made available to Loma Linda Medical students during the summer between their freshman and sophomore years. Students are required to complete 8 weeks (320 hours) of work on a project with an approved faculty investigator in order to receive a stipend. Additional information along with a list of projects/faculty investigators is provided to students at the Summer Research noon-hour conference sessions in mid-February, or can be obtained from the School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs.

Physician Mentoring

The School of Medicine offers students an opportunity to participate in the Physician-Student Christian Mentoring Program during their 1st year of medical school. Students ordinarily apply for this voluntary program during the month of September. Student participants are matched to a physician mentor of the same gender with similar interests (e.g. hobbies, etc.). Spending time in prayer and Bible study is emphasized and encouraged, nurturing spiritual growth for the developing student physician.


The School of Medicine offers tutors to students who need and request extra academic assistance. Students who have previously taken a class, and performed well, are invited to become tutors in those classes. Tutors may be paid for the hours they spend tutoring through the work-study program. The time spent tutoring varies depending on the need of the student requesting help as well as the schedule of the tutor.

Additional Student Resources

Student Health Service and Student Health Plan Information

Student Application for Diversity Projects