Medical school tutoring

Academic Support Team

At Loma Linda University, we strive to support our students in all facets of their academic journey. It is our goal to fashion an individualized approach to each student while helping them organize, encode, consolidate, and retrieve a large amount of complex basic science and clinical information. The end goal is to help them retain this information and apply it to providing excellent, whole person patient care.  

We encourage all of our students to engage with our academic support team. Whether it be through seeking a tutor or STRIVE mentor, attending group tutoring, or one-on-one academic counseling, we can work together to devise a plan for academic success


At a student’s request, our academic counselor is available to identify needs and establish individualized short-term and long-term action plans that promote academic, personal, and professional accomplishment.  

Individualized action plans include help with:

  • Transition/adjustment to medical school
  • Incorporation of research-based learning strategies
  • Schedule creation
  • Time management strategies
  • Test taking strategies
  • Step 1, Step 2, and shelf exam preparation
  • Creation of “Durable Learning Resources”
  • Resource management

If it becomes clear that you may benefit from additional resources, we partner with other colleagues in the Student Affairs office including Physician Vitality, mental health services, therapists, psychiatrists, disability and accommodations resources, and learning specialists, to provide timely and seamless connections to other support.  


Tutoring services are free to students enrolled in courses at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. The tutoring program is designed to allow a peer teaching and learning relationship in a structured and supervised educational context, where the primary goal is to use research-based learning strategies to promote long-term retention and learner independence.  

Peer tutoring at Loma Linda University School of Medicine is provided in two ways:

STRIVE Mentoring 

STRIVE mentors provide one-on-one support in academic content, schedule creation, time management, step accountability, resource management, and wellness. Request a STRIVE mentor.

Group Tutoring

Group tutors meet with groups of students either in-person or on Zoom to review content through the use of questions. This allows students to solidify their knowledge, find knowledge gaps, and practice test-taking strategies while in a supportive, interactive group setting. You may request a STRIVE mentor at any time. Requests are received by the Academic Support Team office and students are paired with a STRIVE mentor who best fits your needs. We are usually able to pair you within 24 hours. 

Group tutoring sessions are held weekly and topics are announced at the beginning of each week.  

For more information about the peer tutoring program, please contact:

How do I schedule an appointment with the academic counselor?

Contact Dr. Jill Genobaga by email at

What peer tutoring services are available?

STRIVE mentors:

Peer tutors that provide one-on-one support in academic content, health and wellness, and Step study accountability. Services provided either in-person or on Zoom depending on student preference.  

Group tutors:  

Peer tutors that provide study question strategy and review through Zoom and in-person group settings.  

How do I request a STRIVE mentor?

Approval is not required to submit a tutor request. You may request a tutor at any time. Requests are received by the Academic Support Team office and students are paired with a STRIVE mentor who best fits your needs. We are usually able to pair you within 24 hours. 

Request a STRIVE Mentor

How much does tutoring cost?

Tutoring costs are free for Loma Linda University School of Medicine students.

Who are the tutors?

Peer tutors are second, third, and fourth-year medical students. Tutors must be in good academic standing and demonstrate expertise in specific content areas.

How often may I meet with a STRIVE mentor?

Arrangements such as time and location of tutoring are made between mentors and learners. You will work with your STRIVE mentor to determine a schedule.

How do I become a STRIVE mentor or group tutor?

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact

As a STRIVE mentor or group tutor, you must demonstrate expertise in the content area you tutor, be in good academic standing, complete all hiring requirements as defined by Human Resources before compensation can be provided, and complete an orientation session prior to the first tutoring session.

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