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Fall Quarter Updates and Student Guidelines COVID-19 Donations

The University and School of Medicine give priority to providing an effective system of personal counseling that includes programs to promote the well-being of students and facilitate their adjustment to the physical and emotional demands of medical school.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the counseling services available to them. Students may make appointments for personal, confidential counseling without a referral. In emergency situations 911 should be called.

Places where students can go for personal, confidential counseling:

Student Assistance Program/Student Counseling Services

The SAP provides short term counseling (up to eight free sessions per issue, in addition to the assessment and follow up) as well as evaluation and treatment recommendations and referral services at no cost to the students. These referrals may be to counselors in the Department of Psychiatry or in the community (see below). Students who call the SAP after hours will receive a call back within 24 hours on weekdays. They will also be given a number to call for crisis situations during nights and weekends.

Student Assistance Program
11360 Mountain View Avenue
Hartford Building, Suite A
Loma Linda, California

Department of Psychiatry, Behavioral Health Institute

The department has psychologists, social workers, and marriage & family therapists available for counseling students. There is also a psychiatrist specifically designated to see medical students who does not have a role in their education or evaluation. In addition, protocols are in place to assure that no mental health providers will be involved in the teaching or evaluation of medical students for whom they have provided professional services. Students are provided nine visits each academic year at no cost.  Additional visits have a $10 copayment.

Behavioral Health Institute building, south entrance
1686 Barton Road (Corner of Barton and Iowa)
Redlands, CA
909-558-9500, then select Option 2 to make, change, or cancel an appointment

Community Based Counselors

In addition to the resources described above, the Loma Linda University Student Health Plan provides coverage with a co-payment of $10 per session for outpatient counseling for counselors on the Risk Management Preferred Provider list. Note that the co-payment is likely to be considerably higher for non-preferred providers. You are advised to clarify what the out-of-pocket cost will be to you if you use non-preferred providers by contacting the Student Health Plan administrator in the Department of Risk Management. Students who are unable to cover the $10 co-payment are reminded that they may take receipts to their financial aid officer and ask to have their financial aid package increased to cover unreimbursed medical expenses. For a list of preferred providers, click here.

Student Health Center (SHC)

Students who wish to have a medication consult for issues related to sleep, anxiety, depression or related situations and are unable to get a timely appointment with a psychiatrist at the SCC are advised to meet with a personal physician or make an appointment with a physician at the SHC.

Student Health Center (SHC)
Evans Hall, Room 111

The Associate Dean for Student Affairs (Dr. Lamberton)

Dr. Lamberton is the initial point of contact for many medical students who would like recommendations for personal counselors.  Students are invited to contact the Dean of Students when they have questions or concerns of a personal nature or wish to have his recommendations for mental health professionals. Although he is a licensed psychologist, Dr. Lamberton does not himself do therapy or offer confidential counseling for medical students because of his dual roles as administrator as well as student advocate.

Student Affairs (Dr. Lamberton’s) Office
Coleman Pavilion, Room A1108