Welcome from the Training Director

Dear Intern Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the pre-doctoral Psychology Internship at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. We are glad you are considering our program in your search for an internship and welcome your application.

We welcome applicants with interest in the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model to apply. We pride ourselves in offering a diverse training experience that will aid interns in becoming confident and well-rounded clinicians. Interns spend their time working in two distinct settings: traditional mental health setting and medical hospital-based setting. In both settings, interns are fully integrated and valued members of the treatment team. For more information regarding training see our Academics page.

Loma Linda University Medical Center is a faith-based organization operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Our interns have come from diverse spiritual backgrounds and commitments, and with different levels of theoretical sophistication in this area. Applicants do not need to be Seventh-day Adventists in particular, or Christians in general to be good candidates. As a religiously qualified organization, Loma Linda University’s website indicates that "LLU is a Seventh-day Adventist, faith and values based Christian institution. Candidates must understand and embrace the mission, purpose, and identity of LLU and its affiliated entities.

We use the online APPIC Application for Psychology Internships (AAPI).  Please view the application information page of this website to review the application materials that you will need to submit. The deadline for receipt of all application materials is November 15th.  If you have any questions regarding the materials or the training program, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at aciovica@llu.edu. We look forward to receiving your application. 

Antonia Ciovica, PhD
Loma Linda University Health
Department of Psychiatry
Clinical Psychology Internship
Program Director

Apply Now

Submit the following within your AAPI application

  • Current CV
  • Three letters of reference from faculty or other professionals who are well acquainted with you and your qualifications
  • Official graduate school transcripts
  • A sample psychological evaluation (full battery preferred)

Within your cover letter, please discuss how the LLU School of Medicine internship will meet your training and professional goals. In particular, please include your thoughts about the following statement related to our training:

  • LLU has identified as its motto to "Make Man [Humanity] Whole." As a religiously affiliated organization, it seeks to be congruent with its heritage by translating the ideal of “wholism” into a bio-psycho-social-spiritually integrated approach to health care. The internship program seeks to assist the intern in the development of competencies in all areas of cultural diversity, and in addition, provide opportunities for more focused theoretical, scientific, and clinical explorations in the area of religion and spirituality as this may pertain to emotional health. The approach is “patient-centered,” in that neither the religion of the organization, nor the intern’s, has a central consideration; rather, the patient's worldview and religion are central. This approach is founded on cumulative and significant scientific evidence for the consideration of religion and spirituality as a factor in emotional health, both as a strength and as a source of distress.

The Deadline for Receipt of All Materials for the 2023-2024 year is November 15, 2023.

Our APPIC match number is: 170915

Contact Information

If you have questions about the application process, or if you need to inquire about the status of your application, please email Noelle Burchartz, MHA at nburchartz@llu.edu.

Noelle Burchartz, MHA 
Program Coordinator II
Loma Linda University Health
Department of Psychiatry

Phone: 909-558-9567 


Intern qualifications are initially evaluated during the application process by two of the licensed psychologists in supervisory roles (Training Director and a primary supervisor). Classroom-based preparation and practicum training are closely reviewed, as both of these learning experiences prepare prospective interns to make effective use of the internship training we offer. Regarding classroom-based preparation, completion of at least three years of graduate training from an APA accredited program in Clinical Psychology (preferred), or Counseling Psychology (acceptable) is expected. More specifically, successful completion of graduate course work in areas of individual intelligence testing, projective testing (particularly the Rorschach), abnormal psychology, personality theory, and psychotherapy theory is required.

While a certain minimum of direct service or practicum hours is not necessary, the quantity of these hours is taken into consideration when evaluating the strength of the applicant’s preparation. Additionally, the quality and diversity of prior practicum training, the number and range of client populations with whom applicants have had prior experience (typically, interns who have worked with some range of client populations, preferably including adult, child and family in outpatient, inpatient and medical settings), and the number of integrated testing reports completed are all taken into consideration. Our program requires applicants to have experience administering projective, personality and intelligence tests. In some cases, exceptions will be made for applicants whose letters of recommendation suggest strong assessment and report skills, and who are committed to ensuring they seek out additional training opportunities prior to the beginning of the internship year. Finally, an applicant must be certified as ready to apply for internship by the Director of Training of his or her graduate program, as listed in Part II of the APPIC application form.

Once the above requirements are fulfilled, the applicants’ interests are also considered, as those who have interests in common with the primary training experiences that the program offers are strongly preferred. The program also encourages individuals with experience from diverse backgrounds, and celebrates individual diversity. Most specifically, in keeping with Loma Linda University’s mission statement, applicants who show interest and commitment for the integration of religion and spirituality within the practice of psychology (evidenced both by prior learning experiences and future career aspirations) are strongly favored. This interest in spirituality and psychology is weighted heavily in the final ranking process.

Selection Procedures

The Psychology internship program at LLUMC abides by the APPIC standards, polices and selection procedures. The internship selection procedures are detailed below:

1. All completed applications are reviewed by program faculty. The supervisors reviewing the applications determine whether the applicant meets the requirements for our internship program. The following qualities are considered when selecting internship applicants to participate in this process: completion of all coursework, academic excellence, the quality and quantity of practicum experiences, assessment experience, interpersonal maturity and sensitivity, diagnostic and intervention experience and expertise, a wide range of practical experiences, high ethical standards and professionalism, good clinical judgment, the ability to work as a team member and strong interest and commitment for the integration of religion and spirituality. Minority and culturally diverse applicants are encouraged to apply.

2. Prospective intern candidates will be contacted by email, by December 15th to schedule an interview. The dates available for the scheduled organized interview format will be provided at that time so that candidates are able to make travel arrangements as early as possible.

3. On-site interviews take place in the second or third week of January  and are organized as a full-day experience. This includes an orientation to the internship training offered, a tour of the various facilities, individual interviews, and an informal meeting with the current interns. Those unable to attend the scheduled interview dates may schedule an individual date to interview. Applicants may speak with any or all members of our psychology staff or with current interns at any time, in order to secure more information about the site, ask questions, and determine the degree of fit to the best of their ability. Minority applicants may request to speak with current or past diverse interns as well.

4. Subjective and objective rating systems are used by each interviewer to complement the formal interview process. This information is compiled along with the data from the initial review of applications, and is used by the Training Committee to rank candidates. All candidates are reviewed to ensure that fair and equal consideration has been given to each application. Efforts are made to select a diverse internship group (e.g., racial and ethnic minority, gender, geographic region, etc.).

Pre-employment requirements

For interns matched with our site, final acceptance into the program is contingent upon prospective meeting all LLUH pre-employment requirements, including pre-placement drug screen, physical examination and background investigation. Interns are also required to fulfill onboarding requirements (new hire paperwork, and obtaining clearance to work with medical population) two weeks prior to orientation and training.

Start Date

The formal start date for the internship will be September 1st. Plan to be in the area two weeks in advance for our onboarding training/orientation processes.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

It is the policy of LLUH to provide equal employment opportunity for qualified applicants and employees. LLUH does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex or gender, national origin, ancestry, age, mental or physical disability (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition), family care status, veteran status, or any other category protected by applicable law. When applicable, LLUH also makes reasonable accommodations for disabled employees and for employees who request accommodations for pregnancy, childbirth, or other medical conditions.

The Psychology Internship Program at LLUH actively supports and is in full compliance with the spirit and principles of affirmative action in the recruitment and selection of psychology interns. We provide equal opportunities for all qualified persons and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex or gender, national origin, ancestry, age, mental or physical disability (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition), family care status, veteran status, or any other category protected by applicable law.

All employees are expected to honor this commitment to equal employment opportunity and treatment. Information, help or counsel on such matters may be obtained through HR, located in the University Arts Building, Suite 203, 24887 Taylor Street, Loma Linda, California 92354. Their phone number is 909-558-4330.