Current Interns: 2015-2016

Allie Abrahamson - Intern 2015-2016

Allie Abrahamson, MA - Chestnut Hill College, Clinical Psychology Program
Allie Abrahamson is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of the University of Delaware with her bachelor’s degree in both history and psychology. She began her graduate education eager to develop skills in child and family focused psychology, particularly in systems issues. Allie enjoys finding ways to give back to the community and to the profession. It was an honor for her to co-receive the 2014 American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Graduate Student in Professional Psychology with her colleague for their work creating a program and partnership between their graduate school and a Philadelphia refugee resettlement agency. Allie is currently serving as the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) member on the Commission on Accreditation (CoA). As a part of CFHA, it has been enlightening and exciting for her to take part in the mentorship program with Dr. Barry Jacobs and to continue to learn more about integrative care approaches and their application to systemic issues.

Amber Blews, MA

More information on Ms. Blews to come!

                    Courtney Ray - Intern 2015-2016

Courtney Ray, MA - Loma Linda University, Clinical Psychology Program
Courtney is a PhD candidate in the Loma Linda Department of Psychology. Her concentration is neuroscience and neuropsychology. She is also a student researcher in the Behavioral Neuroscience Lab. Her dissertation is on anesthesia’s effects on the brain. Courtney’s training experiences include clinical externships at City of Hope Cancer Center and UCLA Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior. Originally from the Bronx, she has taught science, math, and religion in New York, Michigan, Maryland, and California. Currently Courtney is completing her internship rotations at the Loma Linda Medical Center Bariatric Clinic and in the Chronic Heart Failure and Geriatric Units at the Riverside University Health System Medical Center.


Tammy Torres, MS - Pacific Graduate School of Psychology - Stanford Psy.D. Consortium
Tammy Torres is a sixth year Psy.D. student at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium. She has a passion for service to others as demonstrated by being a past Gold Award Recipient, Student Health Advocate and Freedom House shelter volunteer. Her clinical interests include disease prevention, neuropsychological assessments, and cultural diversity. Tammy has had a variety of practica experiences, including the Gronowski Community Mental Health Clinic, the Veteran’s Affairs Western Blind Rehabilitation Center, Veteran’s Affairs Polytrauma Network Site Neuropsychology Clinic and the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Autism and Developmental Disabilities Clinic. These experiences have expanded her knowledge and understanding about how to help others capitalize on their strengths and motivations so that they may become active participants in their communities. During her time in graduate school Tammy had the privilege of being an American Psychological Association Minority Fellow and a poster presenter at the International Neuropsychological Society mid-year conference in Israel. In her spare time, Tammy enjoys traveling, visiting with family and friends, and learning more about different cultures. Tammy will be starting her clinical internship at Loma Linda University School of Medicine this summer. Her career goals are to work as part of a multidisciplinary team providing underserved populations with information on disease prevention, intervention and rehabilitation services through individual and group therapy and community outreach.

Past Interns


Holly-Marie Arce, MS, MA - Pacific Graduate School of Psychology - Stanford Psy.D. Consortium

Amy Bennie, MA - Azusa Pacific University

Ryan Montanari, MA - Loma Linda Univerisity, Clinical Psychology Program

Mary Varghese, MA - Purdue University, West Lafayette



Andrew Carr, MA - Fuller Graduate School of Psychology

Jennifer Costillo, MA - Azusa Pacific University

Jonathan Wong, MA - Fuller Graduate School of Psychology

Timothy Yen, MA - Azusa Pacific University


~ 2012-2013

Oh Myo Kim, MA - University of Minnesota

Kelly Cauley Rivinius, MA - Loma Linda University

Jenna Wierenga, MA - Fuller Graduate School of Psychology


~ 2011-2012

Interns 2011-2012

Patricia Fank, MS - The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Clinical Psy.D. Program with a Health Concentration

Ian Lowe, MA - Azusa Pacific University, Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Family Psychology

Jennifer Stumpf, MA - Azusa Pacific University, Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Family Psychology

Questions and Answers from Past Interns (after the training year) and Current Interns (during the 1st quarter)

Patricia Fank, M.A., 2011-2012 Cohort

Why LLU? I chose LLU for many reasons, first and foremost being the opportunity to work within an Oncology Center. Second, I value the opportunity to treat patients from a holistic point of view which fits seamlessly with my beliefs regarding integrated quality of life care within medical settings, and I was excited to have an emphasis on spirituality within our training. Lastly, it was in sunny California, and coming from the frigid Midwest, I couldn’t resist!

Description of rotations: I am completing rotations at the Cancer Center, Behavioral Health Institute, and Behavioral Medicine Center. During the week, I spend most of my time at the Cancer Center. Two mornings a week I work in the Surgical Oncology Breast Health Clinic performing crisis intervention and consultations with patients and medical staff. I also conduct therapy for individuals, couples, families, and children; attend tumor board once a week; run a weekly Women’s Cancer Support Group; provide supervision to a practicum student; and attend 2 didactics – journal club and case consults. At the Behavioral Health Institute (BHI), I provide therapy for individuals, couples, and have the opportunity to work with children if desired. I also conduct neuropsychological assessments for ADHD and LD. Additionally I am working on a program development project focused on enhancing community-based mental health by developing cooperation of religious institutions and professional organizations. Teaching opportunities are also available for medical student and psychiatry resident classes/lectures. Finally, at the Behavioral Medicine Center (BMC), I conduct psychological assessments and supervise practicum students

What do you like about the program?  What I like most about the internship program is the breath of experience with the ability to concentrate in one area of interest

Living in the Loma Linda area... I chose to live in the Inland Empire area so that I would only be driving 15-20 minutes to work. It is a trade-off considering many activities, such as the beach or the mountains, are a longer drive from the IE; however, I find I am only making this trip on some weekends as opposed to driving in from the beach every day for work. I will say that as a single person, living in the IE does not provide many places or locations to meet others (unless you’re living with roommates), therefore it could be somewhat isolating.

Words of advice (what you wished you would have known before starting internship)... The Internship site requires 2,000 hours completed by the end of internship and the State of California allows an intern to work up to 44 hours/week. Therefore vacation days should be planned carefully, especially when considering postdoc interviews and start dates!


Ian Lowe, M. A.,  2011-2012 Cohort

Why LLU? I was attracted to the holistic approach to patient care which parallels the perspective of my systemic training. Loma Linda provides the opportunity of being in a medical environment and learning from various disciplines. Furthermore, the training in both assessment and therapy concurrently is rare and important as I wish to have both as part of my professional trajectory

Description of rotations: The Gero/Neuro rotation on the inpatient geriatric unit provides the opportunity to sharpen neuropsych assessment skills, while offering a minor emphasis in psychodiagnostic testing. I conduct psychotherapy consults with patients on the geriatric unit to provide one-to-one services. Additionally, I lead various inpatient and outpatient therapy groups on the geriatric unit, adult inpatient unit, and in the DBT partial hospitalization program. The intern is a valued member of the treatment team on the inpatient geriatric unit, consulting with the psychiatrist, social workers and medical residents. The intern will have the opportunity to attend family meetings with the treatment team. In addition, at the BMC I have a role as the liaison for adult assessment referrals, coordinating new referrals for interns and practicum students and supervise practicum level students. Formal and informal opportunities for didactic and clinical teaching on the inpatient unit, in outpatient clinics, and the psychiatry residency program may be presented. At the BHI, I provide outpatient individual psychotherapy to children, adolescents, graduate students, couples and adults and conduct outpatient testing for learning disabilities and attention deficits. Finally, as an ongoing responsibility throughout the year, I have been working on a collaborative program development project to assist religious institutions and professional mental health organizations develop shared resources and work collaboratively.

What do you like about the program? I appreciate the balanced exposure to training in assessment and therapy. Supervisors have been willing to constantly lend their expertise and provide help. The hospital environment has been rich, fertile grounds for continued learning and multidisciplinary commerce of ideas.

Living in the Loma Linda area... Loma Linda has many opportunities for outdoor activities and a mild winter. It is a convenient place to live, but does not offer urban benefits and entertainment. I would recommend living closer to Loma Linda, as commuting is a big hassle and a close residence will be a welcomed relief to the intern during busy weeks.

Words of advice (what you wished you would have known before starting internship)... Prepare for the experience and work hard to complete your dissertation prior to internship, to decrease your stress.


Jennifer Stumpf, M.A., 2011-2012 Cohort

Why LLU? I chose LLU because it provided me with the opportunity to practice integrative care, exposure to a breadth of experiences, and the ability to concentrate in an area of interest. You really get to be a full-functioning psychologist in training, and get to do everything (inpatient, outpatient, teaching, supervision, etc). The program is very well-rounded and I feel very well prepared for postdoctoral training. I am ready for anything!

Description of rotations: Inpatient psychiatry: I lead groups with children, do testing with children and adolescents, and I am the liaison for Child & Adolescent Assessment referrals.

In the Eating Disorders program, I lead group therapy and participate in team meetings, conduct psychological testing, and provide consultation to staff and feedback to patients and their families.

I am also doing a minor rotation with the Heart Institute, which consists of psychotherapy consults with individuals, couples, families; pre-transplantation assessments, and psychological, cognitive and neuropsych testing, and giving feedback to patients and multidisciplinary team to help inform medical treatment. This rotation provides me some exposure to health psychology.

Outpatient psychological services: individual therapy (short and long term) with children and adult community clients; family and conjoint therapy; testing (learning disability and ADHD); therapy with college students; teaching medical students, and psychiatry residents; supervision of practicum students and program development.

What do you like about the program? The team atmosphere and approach to treatment, which provides a feeling of support, especially when working with difficult patients. I feel like a valued and equal member of the treatment team. I appreciate the diversity among the patients and in the clinical work that I get to do; it has prepared me well for postdoctoral training. I feel well balanced in my psychotherapy and assessment training. The autonomy we are provided forces us to think like a psychologist and learn to utilize consultation and supervision effectively

Living in the Loma Linda area... I don't live in the LLU area but it seems very community oriented.

Words of advice (what you wished you would have known before starting internship)... Budget your time for self-care and your health no matter how busy you get. There will always be more work to do than you have time for; set good boundaries and stick to them. It's in your best interest and in the best of interest of the patients you care for.


Allie Abrahamson, M.S., Current 2015-2016 Cohort

Why LLU? I chose LLU for an opportunity to work in varied settings and gain experience in integrated health care.

Description of rotations: I am completing rotations at Riverside Diabetes Clinic, Behavioral Medicine Center Adolescent Partial Hospitalization program, ADHD Assessment Clinic, and seeing outpatient clients through faculty and staff services through the Behavioral Health Institute. During the week, I spend most of my time at the adolescent partial program. On that unit  I am part of a multidisciplinary team responsible for coordination of care to patients. I provide individual consultation, assessment, behavioral screening measures, and provide input to the treatment team. I will be working with different groups in group therapy, too!

What do you like about the program?  What I like most about the internship program is the chance to spread my wings, keep learning, and work with so many different people.

Living in the Loma Linda area... I moved here from Pennsylvania and have loved living near so many beautiful coastal towns like Huntington Beach, Santa Barbara, San Diego and, of course, LA. The town of Redlands is a pretty active community and you should definitely keep an eye out for fun events to attend.

Words of advice (what you wished you would have known before starting internship)... I wish I would have known how truly strapped for time you would feel! You will need to do your best to make everyone happy (including yourself, your family, and your graduate program) so do your best to be as organized as possible and to always ask for help or clarification if you’re feeling out of control!


Courtney Ray, M.A., M.Div., Current 2014-2015 Cohort

Why LLU? I chose LLU because I wholeheartedly believe in the motto “to make man whole.” It was important for me to choose a place that emphasized holistic care of patients. Also, working in this area provides an opportunity to serve diverse populations from a variety of backgrounds.

Description of rotations: I am completing rotations at Loma Linda Medical Center Bariatric Clinic and in the Chronic Heart Failure and Geriatric Units at the Riverside University Health System Medical Center. During the week, I spend most of my time at Riverside. Two mornings of the week, I screen patients for psychological readiness for bariatric surgery. I interview them about their past and current stressors and make mental health recommendations for them. If need be, I provide referrals to other mental health providers. I also help plan and teach monthly bariatric support groups for post-surgical patients as well as those preparing for surgery. At Riverside, I meet with outpatients who are facing persistent health problems. Because there is a high level of comorbidity of chronic health issues and mental health distress, we help address these needs to contribute to improved quality of life. Previously, Loma Linda’s partnership with Riverside was primarily focused on the Diabetes Clinic. This year, I am helping with program development as we expand services to other clinics including CHF, Geriatrics, Pulmonary and Hepatology.

What do you like about the program?  I am definitely glad that this program offers the ability to be involved in team-oriented health care. I get to work with nurses, physicians, dieticians, chaplains, and other mental health professionals to provide integrated care. We all get to contribute to healing mind, body, and spirit.

Living in the Loma Linda area... I’ve lived in the Inland Empire for the past five years so moving is one less thing that I’ve had to deal with (the transition of internship is already enough!). But being originally from NYC, comparatively speaking California is definitely a markedly different place. Commuting is definitely something to get used to because “rush hour” is essentially all day and here, having a car is a must. But there are definitely a variety of places to go and things to do if you look online and are willing to be adventurous. The Redlands Bowl, the observatory, downtown Riverside, and various places featured on social Web sites can be sources of entertainment for people unfamiliar with the area. And of course, if you’re willing to commute, there are a plenty of things to do in Los Angeles, Pasedena, and Orange County.

Words of advice (what you wished you would have known before starting internship)... We have a lot of different supervisors. It’s both positive and challenging. We get to learn their different styles and we benefit from learning from a variety of people who have different strengths. However, one needs to be ready for the challenge of navigating the simultaneous expectations of all of the supervisors at different sites. If you are open and flexible, you can do well!


Tammy Torres, M.S., Current 2015-2016 Cohort

Why LLU? I chose LLU for the emphasis on incorporating spiritual wellness in treatment and throughout the work atmosphere. In addition, I saw many opportunities to explore my health psych curiosities. Finally, it is a lovely area near many amazing So Cal wonders.

Description of rotations: I am completing rotations at the inpatient geriatric unit, the outpatient Behavioral Health Institute clinic and the Bariatric Surgery clinic. During the week, I spend most of my time assessing patients' suitability for bariatric surgery, evaluating cognitive functions in the geriatric and young adult populations, running groups and providing outpatient therapy. In addition, a good portion of my time is focused on my advanced learning through didactic seminars and literature reviews. Further, interns are required to develop a program over the course of the year and lead practicum students in additional group supervision.

What do you like about the program?  What I like most about the internship program is the integration and collaboration with other medical disciplines.

Living in the Loma Linda area...My only complaint about the Inland Empire is the heat. Other than that, the mountains are BEAUTIFUL and we frequently have clear days which make for beautiful sunsets and backdrops for the drive home. Many of the surrounding towns (Redlands, Upland, Claremont) emphasize community involvement so people are very friendly and there is always something fun to do. The food scene here has been great and very reasonably priced. If at anytime more adventure is needed, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Diego are great places to explore on a day/weekend trip.

Words of advice: In the beginning the amount of moving pieces can be overwhelming however things eventually fall into stride. The intern is required to have a significant administrative role and therefore it is imperative to have strong organizational skills.