Student/faculty research awards application information

The student/faculty research awards are available to LLU School of Medicine sophomore, junior, and senior students who completed research work with a faculty member at LLU which led to publication or has been accepted for publication in a scientific journal.

The work must have been carried out while in medical school, but the award may be given after graduation. The research may be in any field of basic or clinical medical science. You must either have been the senior author or have a well-defined integral role in the research. Awards are given for basic science and clinical science with $500 for the student.

Application for student/faculty research award (publications)


Name of applicant_______________________________S.S.#_______________________


Phone (home):____________________ (work, if applicable)________________________

Name of faculty supervisor_______________________________________________

Department_______________________________Basic science_____Clinical_____

Title of publication________________________________________________________


Name of journal, volume number, page numbers, and year________________________


Date of publication or acceptance date for publication_____________________________

Faculty supervisor signature___________________________________

Applicant signature________________________________________

  1. Include a copy of the journal article. In the case that a paper has been accepted for publication, send a copy of the letter of acceptance, together with the manuscript.
  2. Enclose a letter from your faculty supervisor describing your research work and contribution. Submit yearly by November 1 to:

    Raymond Wong, MD
    Loma Linda University Medical Center, Rm. #1582
    Loma Linda, California 92350