Macpherson Society


To honor at least one faculty member of the School of Medicine who has demonstrated truly outstanding teaching talent and exceptional dedication to teaching. 


The candidate must be a full-time faculty member at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and must not have received this award in the past seven years.

Selection process:

The senior class of Loma Linda University School of Medicine provides a slate of eight names of faculty (four in the basic sciences and four in the clinical sciences) to the dean's office for consideration of this honor at least 60 days before the senior banquet. The president of WEMS or the president's advisor will serve as chair of the WEMS Teacher of the Year selection committee. The president, president-elect, past president and president's advisor shall be representatives from WEMS. The Associate Deans of Student Affairs and of Academic Affairs shall be voting members. The Dean of the School of Medicine shall be an ex officio member with a vote. 


The award is three-fold. A cash award amount will be determined by the executive/finance committee of WEMS, (subject to ratification by the board). The faculty member honored will receive a desk medallion and a photo engraving will be placed on the display board reserved for honored teachers outside of the Macpherson Student Learning Center.

Clinical Award Winners

Name Year Department
Gina Mohr, MD 2021 Family and Pallative Medicine
Timothy Lee, MD 2020 Internal Medicine
James Huang, MD 2019 Internal Medicine
Amy Hayton, MD 2018 Internal Medicine
Soo Kim, MD 2016 Pediatrics
Elaine Angela Hart, MD 2014 Gynecology and Obstetrics
Nephtail R. Gomez, MD 2012 Endocrine Surgery
Kevin Balli, MD 2010 Gynecology and Obstetrics
Michael Ing, MD 2008 Internal Medicine
Robert E. Soderblom, MD 2006 Internal Medicine
Lawrence Loo, MD 2004 Internal Medicine
George Christison, MD 2002 Psychiatry
George Issac, MD 2000 Internal Medicine
Douglas R. Hegstad, MD 1998 Internal Medicine
Elmar P. Sakala, MD 1996 Gynecology and Obstetrics
Clifton D. Reeves, MD 1993 Surgery
Elmar P. Sakala, MD 1990 Gynecology and Obstetrics
Wilber Alexander, PhD 1989 Whole Person Care
Leonard S. Werner, MD 1989 Internal Medicine
Lawrence Loo, MD 1988 Internal Medicine
Gary E. Marais, MD 1988 Internal Medicine
Robert Boucek, MD 1987 Internal Medicine
Susan J. Clark, MD 1987 Pediatrics
Frederick C. Saunders, MD   Internal Medicine
Eric L. Stirling, MD   Emergency Medicine
Leonard S. Werner, MD 1983 Internal Medicine
Philip M. Gold, MD 1981 Internal Medicine
Elmar P. Sakala, MD 1979 Gynecology and Obstetrics
Susan J. Clark, MD 1978 Pediatrics
Benjamin Kovitz, MD 1977 Psychiatry
Clifton D. Reeves, MD 1976 Surgery
J. Lamant Murdoch, MD 1975 Psychiatry
Donald I. Peterson, MD 1974 Neurology
Donald R. Miller, Md 1972 Neurology 
Stewart W. Shankel, MD 1971 Internal Medicine

Pre-Clinical Award Winners

Name Year Department
Leonard S. Werner, MD 2021 Pathophysiology/
Tamara Shankel, MD 2020 Pediatrics/Medical Student Education
Bradley Cole, MD 2019 Neurology
Kylie Watts, PhD 2017 Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Khiet Ngo, DO, MS 2015 Medical Education/Pediatrics
Pedro Ben Nava, PhD 2013 Pathology and Human Anatomy
Bertha Escobar-Poni, MD 2011 Pathology and Human Anatomy
Leonard S. Werner, MD 2009 Pathophysiology & Physical Diagnosis
Jeff Cao, MD 2007 Pathology and Human Anatomy
Bradley Cole, MD 2005 Pathology and Human Anatomy
Resa Chase, MD 2003 Pathology and Human Anatomy
Leonard S. Werrner, MD 2001 Pathophysiology & Physical Diagnosis
Jeff Cao, MD 1999 Pathology and Human Anatomy
John E. Lewis, PhD 1997 Pathology and Human Anatomy
Pedro Ben Nava, PhD 1993 Pathology and Human Anatomy
Jeff Cao, MD 1991 Pathology
Benjamin H. Lau, MD, PhD 1990 Microbiology
Carrol S. Small, MD 1990 Pathology
John E. Lewis, PhD 1990 Pathology
Ian M. Fraser, PhD 1988 Pharmacology
John Leonora, PhD 1988 Physiology
Benjamin H. Lau, MD, PhD 1987 Microbiology