Leonard S. Werner MD
Senior Associate Dean, Medical Student Education

Tamara Shankel MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Education

Nancy Heine CRN, ANP, MSEd
Assistant Professor, Medical Education/Internal Medicine
Director, Clinical Skills Education Center

Rebekah Bartos Specht CRN, FNP, MSN
Assistant Professor, Medical Education/Internal Medicine

Kathy Herzberger RN, BSN
Instructor, Medical Education/Internal Medicine

Joanne Bonson
Standardized Patient Coordinator

Marisa Dalida
Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Valdez
Administrative Secretary


Clinical Skills Education Specialists

Faculty physicians have dedicated paid teaching time in the CSEC. The faculty physicians are responsible for teaching small-group clinical skills labs, evaluating and remediating clinical skills, developing and implementing OSCEs, training and monitoring standardized patients, and developing and facilitating simulation-based labs.

Matt Fong MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Suchaya Jinamornphongs MD
Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine

Khiet Ngo DO
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Emmeline Pulido MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Brenda Rea, MD
Assistant Professor, Preventive Medicine

Karen Winston MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Raymond Wong MD
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine