Principal Investigator

Ubaldo Soto, PhD
Associate Professor
Division of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Phone: 909-558-7562


James McMullen-2

James McMullen
PhD (candidate) Student
Biochemistry Graduate Program
Loma Linda University


Research Interest

Many breast cancers express at least one of three receptor proteins that cancer treatments target. However, triple-negative breast cancers lack the expression of the three receptors, lack effective targeted treatment, and have poor prognoses. Cancer stem cells are resistant to conventional therapies and cause tumor recurrence and patient death. Identifying and characterizing cancer stem cell populations within triple-negative cancers would provide targets for cancer treatment. Interestingly, different types of breast cancer express the markers of different normal mammary cell types. My research interest involves utilizing specific normal cell population markers for mammary stem and progenitor cells to identify potentially unknown cancer stem cell populations, with a special focus on triple-negative breast cancers.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. McMullen JRW, Selleck M, Wall NR, Senthil M. (2017) Peritoneal Carcinomatosis: Limits of Diagnosis and the case for Liquid Biopsy. Oncotarget,
  2. Ferguson Bennit H, Gonda A, McMullen JRW, Kabagwira J, Wall NR. (2018) Peripheral Blood Cell Interactions of Cancer-Derived Exosomes Affect Immune Function. Cancer Microenvironment,
  3. Ortiz-Hernandez G., Sanchez-Hernandez E., Orchoa P, Elix, C, McMullen JRW, Soto U., Martinez S, Diaz-Osterman C., Mahler M, Roy S, Casiano C. (2021) The LEDGF/p75 Integrase Binding Domain Interactome Contributes to the Survival, Clonogenicity, and Tumorsphere Formation of Docetaxel-Resistant Prostate Cancer Cells. Cells, 10:2723, 2021.

Ubaldo Soto Laboratory Alumni:

Anshumouli Bhardwaj, MS, 2017
Janine M. Alonzo, BS Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, 2016
Michael Bennett, MS Molecular Biology, 2015
Joannah Earthlight, MS Molecular Biology, 2014

Joshepine Simorangkir, MD student, 2017-2018
Ronela Tavoc, BS Biochemistry, 2014
Curtis Younger, BS Biology, 2014