Macpherson Society curriculum enhancement fellowships

The Walter E. Macpherson Society will be funding Curriculum Enhancement Fellowships each summer.  An award of $2,500 is available for each position. This is an opportunity for those who have ideas about how to improve the medical school curriculum or who have plans to teach in a medical school.

If you are selected, your work will be directed by one of the course coordinators in either the freshman or sophomore years for ten weeks next summer. You will participate in activities such as computer-generated slide and overhead preparation, syllabus production, literature searches, and whatever else you and the course coordinator decide would enhance the effectiveness of instruction at LLU School of Medicine.

Criteria for evaluating the applications will include experience with computers, (experience with slide-generation systems is a plus), interest and ability in doing literature searches, the student's academic record, and experience in teaching.

If you are simultaneously applying for a summer research scholarship, you may also apply for this program, provided you specify which of the two programs is your first choice. You may indicate your preference on the curriculum enhancement fellowship application form below.

If you are interested, watch for the announcement of the noon-hour conference sessions to be held in the Alumni Hall for Basic Sciences Amphitheater in February. Then return the application form to: 

Student Affairs Office, Coleman Pavilion, A1108
Loma Linda, California 92350

Fax: (909) 558-4146 

Note: The award is $2,500. The first payment of $1,250 will be three weeks after you begin. The second payment will be two weeks after the project is completed and evaluations have been received from both the student and the course coordinator. The award is considered to be an educational experience for tax purposes.


Curriculum enhancement fellowship application


Name_________________________ Date__________________

Phone__________________________ Box_________________

Mailing address for payment (Note: payroll checks cannot be forwarded)


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Zip code_______________

If you are applying for a Summer Research Scholarship, you may apply for this program also, but please check your first choice below.

Curriculum Enhancement Fellowship_____
Summer Research Scholarship_____

To assist the selection committee please provide the following information.

1. Are you a member of the Walter E. Macpherson Society?
Yes____ No____

2. Do you have an interest and ability in doing literature searches?

3. List any experience you have had with computers.

4. Describe any experience you have had with slide-generation, teaching, health education, academic instruction.

5. What specific career goals will this experience help you accomplish?

6. Please provide any other information about yourself which you feel might be pertinent to this program.

I understand that I am applying for a eight-week curriculum enhancement fellowship.

Signature______________________ Date___________________

Return to:

  • Student Affairs Office, Coleman Pavilion, A1108
    Loma Linda, California 92350

    Fax: (909) 558-4146