The Medical Simulation Center (MSC) is an 8,000 square foot, state of the art virtual hospital located on the 4th floor of the Centennial Complex. Each of the center’s training areas are fully functional and reflect the realities encountered in actual care settings. When needed to increase the surge capacity of nearby medical facilities, the center is designed for rapid conversion to an emergency response center in the event of a disaster.

The center provides a continuum of care with a pre-hospital room, emergency room, operating room, intensive care unit, obstetric operating room, neonatal intensive care unit, hospital room, training room, and pharmacy. Retractable walls divide the training rooms and can be raised at any moment to allow for the transfer of care among medical professionals. Each simulation room is accompanied by an adjoining observation and debriefing room, complete with one way glass and large flat screen televisions which provide students and instructors with multiple angles of view of the ongoing simulation.

Simulation Equipment/Trainers 

The MSC utilizes the most advanced, state of the art manikins and equipment in the field of medical simulation.

  • High Fidelity Adult Manikins
  • High Fidelity Pediatric Manikins
  • High Fidelity Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulators
  • Low Fidelity Adult Skills Trainers
  • Low Fidelity Pediatric, Infant and Neonate Skills Trainers
  • Low Fidelity OB Task Trainer
  • High Fidelity TraumaFX® Manikins
  • “Stop The Bleed” Trainers
  • Ultrasound-guided Central Line Trainers
  • Adult and Neonate Lumber Puncture Trainers
  • Butterfly® Ultrasound Hand-held trainers w/iPad
  • Simbionix GIMentor® Virtual Trainer
  • Varjo® Augmented Reality Headsets
  • Ceiling-mounted, Patient Lift Equipment
  • Sonosim® Ultrasound Trainers