The center is a fully-equipped, fully-functional duplicate of patient care areas in an actual pre-hospital and hospital setting. Up to five simulations can be in progress simultaneously. It is a contiguous set-up which emulates the patient flow process with flexible space that allows conversion of settings.

The MSC is fully monitored. All areas, including hallways and debriefing rooms, have camera recording functionality. The video system can allow visualization of up to four (4) camera views from anywhere in the Simulation Center at any TV monitor located in the debriefing rooms and control room, as well as administration offices.

High-Technology Simulation Rooms

**All high-technology simulation rooms (1-6) have an adjacent observation rooms (240 – 318 Sq Ft) with a one-way mirror view into simulation and a flat screen panel with a choice of single to quadrant views including physiological monitoring and pan/zoom capabilities.

Pre-Hospital Room (681 Sq Ft)

The Pre-Hospital room is a unique and versatile learning space at the MSC. With its “green screens” and customized lighting, this space has the flexibility to transform from a clinical space for skills training and high-fidelity simulations, to an environment for filming training videos for students and employees, to a Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality space where learners can don headsets and be immersed into a disaster scene and ready to triage patients.

Emergency Room (410 Sq Ft)

The ER is a duplicate of an emergency department room with accessible emergency equipment and the capability to simulate multiple scenarios simultaneously to challenge the multi-tasking and triaging nature of Emergency Medicine.

Operating Room 1 (528 Sq Ft)

The OR1 environment can serve as any number of clinical spaces from an Emergency Department to an ICU.

Intensive Care Unit (615 Sq Ft)

The ICU (Adult or Pediatric) can be converted to PACU for management of post-operative scenarios, education of post anesthesia care units and invasive monitoring.

Operating Room 2  (528Sq Ft)

OR 2 simulates a real-life surgical set-up with the capability for cesarean sections. This OR is less flexible than OR 1 due to boom arms.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (308 Sq Ft)

This area replicates the environment of care for critical newborns and premature infants.

Additional Rooms

The Hospital Room (293 Sq Ft)

The Hospital Room is a recreation of the actual patient room in a hospital where multiple scenarios (emergent and non-emergent) may be run in a non-emergency setting.

Task Training Room (278 Sq Ft)

The Training Room houses multiple virtual task training surgical and intravenous systems and task and skill training models.

The Control Room (1,056 Sq Ft)

In the Control Room, simulation technical specialists –along with faculty members- configure the simulation experiences, record simulations in progress, and direct audio/video playback to the evaluation rooms. The control platform is elevated 18 inches to allow better visualization into the simulation rooms via one-way mirrors in addition to camera angles.

Virtual Training Room #4210 (240 Sq Ft)

This room located directly across the lobby from the center is a highly flexible environment which can be used as a meeting space for small groups using the center, or as a clinical environment. This room is equipped with a Ceiling Mounted Patient Lift System which duplicates the patient lift systems used in the hospital.