Family Day and Freshmen Dedication are held on the Friday just prior to the President’s Day holiday weekend. This is a time for parents of first year students to visit our campus and share the classroom experience with their student. A luncheon is provided during which a presentation on Loma Linda’s “Added Value” is given as well as time for visiting with fellow students and their parents. During the afternoon, students have time to take their parent on self-guided tours of various School of Medicine and University facilities such as the Simulation Center, Clinical Skills Education, Center for Health Disparities and Molecular Medicine, and the Drayson Center The day ends with a Dedication service to which family and friends can be invited and at which students recite the Physician’s Oath and are given a Bible embossed with the School of Medicine seal.

Families sit in with their students during Dr. Werner's lecture

Students take their families on a tour of the medical simulation center

Dr. Hadley presents a student with a Bible during the dedication ceremony

Students recite the physician's oath at the dedication ceremony