The training year begins on or about September 1st and concludes at the end of August the following year. Interns are "on duty" 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday, and are expected to complete 2000 hours of training during the internship year. All rotations are designed to provide sufficient time to complete the required duties within a 40-hour work week. However, it is reasonable to anticipate spending some off-duty hours in internship related activities, including outside reading for rotations and seminars, reviewing professional literature, treatment manuals, etc.

The typical weekly allocation of hours is provided below. Given that each concentration provides a unique training experiences, the number of hours devoted to each activity may vary slightly across rotations.

General Domains of Training

Concurrent, year-long experiential training in which all interns participate; accounts for no less than 16 hours/week

  • Outpatient psychotherapy & behavioral health services (5 face-to-face hours)

  • Psychological assessment (a minimum of 8 comprehensive assessments to be completed during the duration of the internship)

  • Group therapy (2-3 face-to-face hours)

  • Consultation with other health professionals (approximately 2 hours)

  • Program development/evaluation project (average of 2 hours)

  • Supervision of psychology practicum students (1 hour)

Clinical Settings

Concurrent, year-long adjunctive training experiences within the practice of clinical psychology; accounts for an average of 16 hours/week

  • Medical Clinic Rotations (minimum of 12 hours/week)

  • Psychiatric Inpatient/Partial/Outpatient Clinics (minimum of 12 hours/week)

  • Bariatric Clinic (minimum of 8 hours/week)


Accounts for a minimum of 4 hours/week

  • Individual (2 hours)
  • Group (2 hours, Assessment group supervision and Supervision of Supervision)

Other Didactic &/or Interactive Instruction

Accounts for an average of 4 hours/week

  1. Psychotherapy and Assessment Seminars
    • Spiritual/Religion Integration Seminar (Presented by: Carlos Fayard, PhD)
    • Suicide Assessment and Intervention (Presented by: Dr. William Britt III, PhD ABN)
  2. Professional Development Group (1 hour/week)
    • 1st week of each month: Community meeting
    • 2nd week of each month: Case presentation
    • 3rd week of each month: teaching, selection of new interns, postdoc and licensure issues, EPPP
    • 4th week of each month: Journal article
    • If there's a 5th week: Topic of interns' choice
  3. Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds (optional)
  4. RUHS Medical Hospital Grand Rounds (optional)

  5. Research involvement (optional)