The predoctoral psychology internship training program at the Department of Psychiatry within Loma Linda School of Medicine adheres to a philosophy and training model consistent with the Local Clinical Scientist Model (LCS, as described by Stricker, 2002, and Stricker & Trierweiler, 1995) and integrating a developmental approach to training (Integrative Developmental Model, as described by Stoltenberg, McNeill, & Delworth, 2010). The LCS model is based upon sound scientific inquiry, but is not limited by generalizations inherent in the scientific method. Thus, it promotes thoughtful modification of empirically supported strategies, modifications based on factors such as local base rates, consideration of a cultural or sub-cultural group and context-dependent meaning of personal life events. In addition our program provides a highly experiential environment where scientific knowledge is applied to clinical situations. Consistent with a developmental approach, training is therefore individualized based upon the intern’s entering skill level, knowledge and needs. This ensures a model of education to best develop and increase an intern’s clinical skills.

In sum, the LCS model emphasizes a scientific attitude on the part of the practitioner, without neglecting the contextual factors present in the immediate setting she is functioning in. This educational model seems particularly suited in our setting at the Department of Psychiatry and within LLUH, both given the wide range of psychopathology seen (spanning various levels of care, from inpatient hospitalization to outpatient care) and the highly diverse population served (in terms of ethnicity, culture and religion).