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I am fascinated by the emerging role of the nervous system in tumor biology and how cancer affects neural functions. A relatively uncharted area that holds promise to identify new treatment approaches for cancer patients.

Be part of a groundbreaking scientific event at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine. The 2022 Basic Sciences Research Symposium will integrate neuroscience and cancer biology to engage scientists and clinicians as we explore the interface between cancer biology and neuroscience. The research symposium entitled “The Emerging Field of Cancer Neuroscience” will feature sessions devoted to basic, clinical, and translational research, as well as a workshop, panel discussions, and poster sessions.

The scientific program will center on several areas of cancer neuroscience, including the neural regulation of cancer initiation and growth, neuro-immune interactions, neural plasticity in the tumor microenvironment, psycho-oncology, and translating research from bench to bedside. The meeting will bring together leading experts from across the fields of cancer biology and neuroscience, neurologists, psychologists, oncologists, and surgeons. The biographies of the speakers can be found here.

The symposium will offer a reimagined Career Pathways Workshop designed to help trainees to determine career paths that align with their strengths and values. From a panel of recent graduates, participants will learn how to navigate different biomedical sciences sectors. The session will help trainees plan their next steps to obtain an ideal position in the biomedical workforce.

Our scientific community will also be provided with a platform to present their research in an in-person poster presentation format. The Symposium Steering Committee and the Basic Sciences Department proudly acknowledge outstanding poster presentations from students and young scientists who attend the event with prize money.

We welcome your participation in this event.


“We are only beginning to uncover how the nervous system contributes to the initiation, growth, spread, recurrence, and therapeutic resistance of cancers. The powerful tools of modern neuroscience, from electrophysiology to optogenetics, should be leveraged towards an understanding of cancer pathophysiology. Tissue and tumor type-specific differences underscore the need for careful investigation of each type of cancer over the course of its progression to elucidate the ways in which malignancy and cancer-induced nervous system remodeling co-evolve. A more complete understanding will require true interdisciplinary study and collaboration between the disciplines of neuroscience, developmental biology, immunology, and cancer biology.” (Monje et al., 2020, Cell).

Symposium Date: October 27th, 2022, from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. 

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Johnny Figueroa, PhD
Chair, 2022 Symposium Steering Committee
Division of Physiology, School of Medicine
Loma Linda University

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Johnny Figueroa
Phone: 909-558-4000 Ext. 81302

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Olivia Francis-Boyle
Phone: 909-558-9473

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Maria Villarreal
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2022 LLU Basic Sciences Research Symposium