Welcome to the Department of Earth and Biological Sciences at Loma Linda University School of Medicine.  We're dedicated to providing students with a dynamic and supportive environment that fosters a passion for science, research, publication, and the drive to make our world a better place through the power of science and service.

The department offers programs in Biology, Geology, Earth Science, Environmental Sciences and Natural Sciences. Undergraduate degrees available are a BS in Environmental Sciences and a BS in Geology. Graduate degrees include an MS and a PhD in Biology, an MS in Geology, and a PhD in Earth Sciences. These graduate degrees involve substantial individual research and the completion of a thesis or dissertation. A non-thesis MS in Natural Sciences is also available, and the student in this program can emphasize Biology or Earth Science.   All degree programs are designed to prepare students for careers in their respective disciplines. The non-thesis MS is most appropriate for students who plan to teach science at the secondary level and do not expect to continue toward a PhD.

The research interests of Earth and Biological Sciences faculty include Ecological Physiology, Behavioral Ecology, Herpetology, Marine Biology, Biosystematics, Taphonomy, and other aspects of Geology and Paleontology.

The Department of Earth and Biological Sciences encourages open discussion of the relationships between science and the Christian faith. Students of many religious persuasions are accepted into the program.