A Career in Environmental Protection

Environmental scientists use their knowledge in natural sciences to develop plans to prevent, control, or repair environmental problems, such as pollution and harm to land or water

The Program

A non-thesis graduate program

The LLU Department of Earth and Biological Sciences offers a choice in graduate program design. Graduate programs in biology, geology and earth sciences include original research and the writing of a thesis or dissertation. The MS program in Natural Sciences offers the same quality courses, field study, and stimulating learning environment, but is a non-thesis degree. Natural Sciences MS students take more courses, write a comprehensive exam, and do a project instead of a thesis.

This non-thesis program is designed for individuals who desire to complete a master's degree and not continue in a doctoral program, and do not desire to be involved in research. One example can be a secondary school science teacher. Some secondary science teachers want to do research and write a thesis, because of personal interest in research. Others would prefer to focus more on courses and gain a broader information base for their teaching. The Natural Sciences MS is ideal for them. Courses in this program can emphasize more biology, more geology, or more environmental sciences, according to the student's interest.

Those who desire a teaching credential will also need to take education courses to meet the requirements for the credential. Science classes will be chosen in consultation with a faculty member advisor, and will be individualized to meet the student's career plan.