LLU Center for Genomics

Current Personnel:

Charles Wang, MD, PhD, MPH, Director & Professor

Sean (Xin) Chen, PhD, Assistant Research Professor & Bioinformatician

Wanqiu Chen, PhD, Research Specialist

John (Zhong) Chen, PhD, Sr. Research Associate

Seta Stanbouly, PhD, Research Associate

Teddie (Tiantian) Liu, MS, PhD Student (Pharmacology, Basic Sciences of LLUSM)

Jennifer Paul, BS, MPH/RD Student (Nutrition Coordinated Program in Dietetics, LLUSPH)

Hannah Choi, MS, PhD Student (Cancer, Developmental and Regenerative Biology, Basic Sciences of LLUSM)

Sunshine (Chenguang) Wang, MS, PhD Student, Visiting Scholar (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Zhaowei Yang, MS, PhD, Visiting Scientist (Guangzhou Medical University, State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease)

Nathan Leigh, Visiting Student (Undergraduate Training Program, The Master’s University, 2018)

Miranda Berger Nordelo, Visiting Student (Medical Training Program, San Juan Bautista School of Medicine, 2018)


Past Visiting Scholars, Students, and Volunters:

Victor Ruan, BS, Visiting Student (UCSD, 2014)

Carlos J. Silva, Visiting Student (UCLA, 2015)

Melody M. Garcia, Visiting Student (Undergraduate Training Program, University of Puerto Rico, 2015)

Tushar Chakravarty, BA, BS, MS, Visiting Scientist (Johns Hopkins University, 2015-2016)

Frank C. Mendoza Garcia, Visiting MD Student (Undergraduate Training Program, San Juan Bautista School of Medicine, Puerto Rico, 2016)

Christina Alexandres, Visiting Student (UCLA, 2016)

David Wang, Visiting Student (UCR, 2016)

Hongjn Wu, MS, Visiting PhD Student & Scholar (Hangzhou Cancer Hospital, 2016)

Kirlann Danclar, Visiting Student (Undergraduate Training Program, Oakwood University, 2017)

Cassandra Orozco, Visiting Summer Student (Apprenticeship Bridge to College Program, Moreno Valley High School, 2017)

Cameron Arakaki, BS, DO Student (University of the Incarnate Word, School of Osteopathic Medicine, 2018)