The School of Medicine Student Association Senate exists to enhance student communication with LLUSM and LLU administrtion, enhance student life and support other student-led organizations and activities. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to know how you can get involed, contact your class senator or talk to a senate officer.

Senate Officers

President David Deemer 2020
Vice President Bron Finkelstein 2019
Secretary Eric Prado 2020
Public Relations Cedric Thiel 2019
Chaplain Shannon Fujimoto 2019
Co-Community Service Directors Daniel Lee and Candice Kim 2019
Co-Resiliency Chairs Morgan Garner and Olga Lane 2019

Class Senators

Class of 2019 Timothy Barbosa and David Eng
Class of 2020 Karl Wallenkampf and Thomas Flynn
Class of 2021 Shevel Dacosta-Davis and Andrew Pop
Class of 2022  

Other Voting Members

Class Presidents

Class of 2019 Lydia Kore
Class of 2020 Mary meyer
Class of 2021 Kevin Williams
Class of 2022  

President or Designated Representatives from Student Organizations

American Physician Scientists Association  
Armed Services Scholarship Club  
Conversational Spanish Club  
Running Club  
Wilderness Medicine Club  
Students for Social Justice  
Research Interest Group