Featured in this episode:
David Puder – Student, LLUSM Class of 2010
Kyra Eddy – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012
Sarah Allen – Student, LLUSM Class of 2010
Henry Lamberton, PsyD – Associate Dean, Student Affairs, LLUSM
Laura Hanson – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012
Sylvester Paulasir – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012
Jaysson Brooks – Student, LLUSM 2011
Brittany Brooks – Student, LLUSM 2011
Lindsay Bautista - Student, LLUSM Class of 2013
Mark Warren - Student, LLUSM Class of 2013

Studio Segment
Medical student David Puder shares how his class (LLUSM 2010) started the tradition of “adopting” hospitals in developing countries, beginning with Haiti in 2007. Sarah Allen (LLUSM 2010) relays her experience of returning to the country soon after it had been struck by the devastating earthquake. Kyra Eddy tells why her class (LLUSM 2012) chose to adopt a hospital in Belize. LLUSM Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Henry Lamberton, explains why LLUSM students have a unique opportunity for overseas service.

History Snapshot
Loma Linda University Historian Richard Schaefer tells how the American Medical Association (AMA) threatened to shut down the School of Medicine before it even started.

Student Story
What leads a person to choose to become a medical doctor? The six students featured throughout the series (Lindsay Bautista, Mark Warren, Brittany Brooks, Jaysson Brooks, Sylvester Paulasir, Laura Hanson) recount the experiences that inspired their decision to study medicine.