Featured in this episode:
Lawrence Sowers, PhD – Associate Dean, Basic Science and Translational Research
Penelope Duerksen-Hughes, PhD – Assistant Dean, Graduate Student Affairs
Jessica Slater – Student, LLU MD/PhD Program
William Roland – Student, LLU PhD Program
Danilyn Angeles, PhD – Assistant Professor, Division of Physiology, Dept. of Basic Sciences
Jaysson Brooks – Student, LLUSM 2011
Brittany Brooks – Student, LLUSM 2011

Studio Segment
Lawrence Sowers and Penelope Duerksen-Hughes discuss the groundbreaking research taking place at LLUSM in its Department of Basic Sciences. Jessica Slater, an MD/PhD student shares her passion for research and PhD student William Roland explains why he chose to study at Loma Linda. Danilyn Angeles tells how her former experience as a neonatal intensive care nurse led her on a quest to reduce negative effects in the procedures used to keep premature babies alive.

History Snapshot
A pioneer of the School of Medicine doesn’t want to join a “one-horse” medical school until he asks God for a sign.

Student Story
Jaysson and Brittany Brooks give us an insider’s look at life as married third-year medical students.