Featured in this episode:
Henry Lamberton, PsyD – Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Katie Friederich – Student, LLUSM Class of 2011
Ethan Neufeld – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012
Eurides Lopes – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012
Lindsay Bautista - Student, LLUSM Class of 2013
Mark Warren - Student, LLUSM Class of 2013

Studio Segment
Henry Lamberton talks about local community outreach opportunities in partnership with the School of Medicine. Medical students Katie Friederich, Ethan Neufeld and Eurides Lopes share how their volunteer experiences have benefited the community and reinforced their personal vision for outreach.

History Snapshot
The College of Medical Evangelists finally receives the grade they’ve been hoping for in their accreditation from the American Medical Association.

Student Story
Emotions run high on “Match Day” as fourth-year medical students Lindsay Bautista, Mark Warren and their classmates discover where they will spend the next several years of their lives as residents.