Featured in this episode:
Daniel Giang, MD – Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
James Crounse, MD – Resident Physician
Roger Hadley, MD – Dean, School of Medicine
Jonathon Thorp – Student, LLUSM Class of 2011
Elizabeth Renk – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012
Laura Hanson – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012
Sylvester Paulasir – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012
Jaysson Brooks – Student, LLUSM 2011
Brittany Brooks – Student, LLUSM 2011
Lindsay Bautista - Student, LLUSM Class of 2013
Mark Warren - Student, LLUSM Class of 2013

Studio Segment
Daniel Giang and James Crounse discuss the importance of spirituality not only in medical education, but as an aspect of patient care. Roger Hadley shares how spirituality and patient care have been a part of Loma Linda since the beginning. Student Jonathon Thorp explains how he knew he made the right decision to attend medical school at Loma Linda and Elizabeth Renk explains how her experiences at LLU have strengthened her spirituality.

History Snapshot
In the early 1960s, the school faces a crossroads when the AMA recommends consolidating the campuses of basic science education in Loma Linda with the clinical experience provided by Los Angeles.

Student Story
How does one keep a balanced life throughout something as all-consuming as medical school? Our six featured students explain what keeps them going.