Featured in this episode:
Ricardo Peverini, MD – Associate Dean, Clinical Faculty
Herbert Ruckle, MD – Chair, Department of Urology
Kent Denmark, MD – Director, Medical Simulation Center
Pedro “Ben” Nava, PhD – Vice Chair, Division of Anatomy, Department of Basic Sciences
Sylvester Paulasir – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012
Jaysson Brooks – Student, LLUSM 2011
Brittany Brooks – Student, LLUSM 2011
Mark Warren - Student, LLUSM Class of 2013

Studio Segment
Ricardo Peverini and Herbert Ruckle discuss how technology is changing the landscape of medical education. Kent Denmark explains the advantage of using medical simulation and Ben Nava shows how technology is making a difference even in the study of anatomy.

History Snapshot
A surprising “cutting-edge” treatment in the early 1900s is credited with saving a young boy’s foot.

Student Story
Second year medical student Sylvester Paulasir brings us along during an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations) – one of the most terrifying types of exams medical students are required to take in the transition “from books to people.”