Kathryn Ball
Research Interests: Molecular genetics, enhancers, biochemistry, limb development
Program: Biochemistry
Laboratory: Dr. Kerby Oberg
Contact Information: 

Vice President

Natasha Le
Research Interests: Nanomaterials, specifically gold nanostars, and their biomedical applications
Program: Basic Sciences, Integrated Biomedical Studies, Infection/Immunity/Inflammation
Laboratory: Dr. Christopher Perry
Contact Information: 

Secretary/Public Relations

Nana Yaa Sakyi Opoku
Research Interests: Antibiotic resistance  
Program: Infection/Immunity/Inflammation 
Laboratory: Dr. Jacinda Abdul-Mutakabbir  
Contact Information: 


Pedro Ochoa 
Research Interests: Targeting protein interactions in advanced prostate cancer.
Program: Cancer Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Laboratory:  Dr. Carlos A. Casiano
Contact Information: 

Academic VP

Timothy Simon
Research Interest: Neurobiology of stress, feeding behaviors, and emotional development 
Program: Neuroscience, Systems Biology, and Bioengineering 
Laboratory: Dr. Johnny Figueroa 
Contact information:

MD/PhD Representative

Nana Anti
Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms of Corticosteroids resistance in preterm neonates
Program: Neuroscience, Systems Biology, and Bioengineering 
Laboratory: Dr. Mata-Greenwood
Contact Information: 

Social VP

Christian Yoo
Research Interests: Cancer Health Disparities
Program: Neurosciences, Systems Biology, and BioEngineering (NSBB)
Laboratory: Dr. Frankis Almaguel
Contact Information:

Community Service VP

Jane Muinde
Research Interests: Ovarian Cancer
Program: PhD Biology
Laboratory:  Dr. Salma Khan
Contact Information:

Technology VP

Clyde Makamure
Research Interest: Microbiology, Molecular biology
Program: PhD Biology
Laboratory: Dr. Kylie J. Watts
Contact Information: 

Religious VP

Alena Pentecost
Research Interest: Neonatal pain and hypoxia
Program: Neuroscience, Systems Biology, & Bioengineering (Neuroscience track)
Laboratory: Dr. Danilyn Angeles
Contact Information: 

EBS Student Representative

Mateo Ospino
Research Interests: Igneous rocks, isotopes, geochemistry
Program:  Geology MS
Laboratory: Dr. Ana M. Martinez Ardila
Contact Information: 

Senior Representative

Evelyn Sanchez Hernandez
Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms of therapy resistance in cancer
Program: Cancer, Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Laboratory: Dr. Carlos A. Casiano
Contact Information: